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Refugee Thought He Was Teaching Terrorists To Build Bombs, But They Were FBI

Ahmad Suhad Ahmad was arrested after a long investigation, during which he taught undercover agents how to build bombs.

Tucson, AZ – An Iraqi refugee who traveled from Arizona to Las Vegas to teach undercover federal agents how to make bombs was arrested on Monday.

Court documents just unsealed explained the elaborate ruse used to set up the sting operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Daily Mail reported.

Ahmad Suhad Ahmad, who was born in 1988, had been living as a refugee in the United States for the past 10 years, NBC News reported. He was running a mechanic shop in Tucson when the investigation began.

Ahmad is listed on court paperwork as a U.S. citizen, according to KTVK.

The complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Arizona alleged that in December of 2016, Ahmad told an FBI informant that “he knew how to detonate a bomb by using a cellular phone with a removable cellular battery.”

Ahmad showed the informant pictures of explosive materials and instructions for building the explosive device that were written in Arabic, the Daily Mail reported.

He claimed he had learned his detonation techniques during “the war in Iraq,” according to the federal complaint. It was not known if Ahmad had ever served in the U.S. military.

The complaint said that in April of 2017, the informant asked Ahmad if he could show him how to build a car bomb for a target in Mexico, and Ahmad agreed, the Daily Mail reported.

Ahmad met with undercover FBI agents in Tucson multiple times between in April of 2017 to discuss plans for building bombs in Las Vegas, the Daily Mail reported.

The complaint said that “on April 13, 2017 Ahmad showed CS3 (Confidential Source 3) homemade bomb instructions on his cell phone and promised to translate them.”

Three days later, he met with the same FBI informant in his car outside a Tucson apartment building, according to the Daily Mail.

“Ahmad explained some of the equipment he would need to build the bomb and that he had been studying up on how to build the explosive,” the complaint said.

Then he sent the FBI informant a text message with a bomb recipe that was written in Arabic, the Daily Mail reported.

“The recipe consisted of a multi-step process to make a landmine or improvised explosive device (IED),” the federal complaint read.

Ahmad agreed to travel to Las Vegas and build the bomb there. He also gave the undercover agents a list of the supplies he would need them to provide, according to the Daily Mail.

On Sept. 26, 2017, he packed up a circuit tester, electrical tape, and tubes of the adhesive Permatex Epoxy and traveled to Las Vegas with two undercover agents and two FBI informants, court documents said.

“The undercover agents brought the other items required to build the bomb, which were obtained by a list provided by Ahmad,” according to the complaint.

He went with the group to a condo in Las Vegas and, within a few hours, he had built the first bomb while explaining his processes to the undercover FBI agents.

Then he “guided” an undercover agent on how to construct the second bomb, the Daily Mail reported.

“Once both devices were completed, Ahmad explained how they operated,” the complaint detailed for the court.

The complaint signed by FBI Special Agent Christopher T. Barrett requested that Ahmad be detained.

He was arraigned on Monday afternoon and taken to a federal facility, the Daily Mail reported.

Ahmad was due to appear in federal court for a preliminary hearing on Halloween, but his attorneys requested a two-day continuance, NBC News reported.

Sandy Malone - October Tue, 2018


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