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Racist-Meltdown Professor Quits, Get Giant Taxpayer-Funded Payday

The professor captured having a racist meltdown on video has resigned.

​Olympia, WA – An Evergreen State College professor who was captured on video making racist remarks and screaming at her white colleagues has resigned, and accepted a settlement from the school.

Naima Lowe, a self-proclaimed black queer artist and educator who taught video and performance art at Evergreen State, had filed a discrimination and hostile work environment claim against the college, according to FOX News.

The professor drew the ire of many when she was caught on video berating her white co-workers in front of the university’s library.

“You are now these motherf**kers that we’re pushing against. You can’t see your way out of your own *ss … This s**t is literally going to kill me!” Lowe lectured her colleagues at full volume.

Racial tensions peaked at the Washington state college after a professor, Brett Weinstein, was targeted by a mob of students when he took issue with a demand for a “day of absence” that called for all white people to leave the campus for a day on April 12.

A student mob successfully shut down the campus for several days, and accused Weinstein of being a racist. Weinstein was escorted off campus as threats were made against him.

Lowe’s outburst occurred during an Equity Council meeting earlier this year, and was apparently directed at two white co-workers. The original video has been deleted, but was captured by numerous other sources first.

“So when exactly were we going to have time to sit there and wax f**king poetic for your benefit about s**t that has been in the works,” Lowe screamed.

Lowe had been on personal leave since the beginning of the school year, after claiming to be the victim of “online attacks,” according to a letter she sent to colleagues. She resigned Dec. 6.

Her resignation was a condition of a settlement reached with the college.

She will receive $240,000, which includes final wages and attorney fees, Evergreen spokesman Zach Powers said.

Allegations of racism and intolerance led to protests and a chaotic year at the college, and resulting in the resignations of at least five high-profile employees, according to The Olympian.

Lowe is the latest to resign.

Weinstein and his wife Heather Heying, also an Evergreen State professor, filed a $3.85 million lawsuit against Evergreen State in July.

The suit said Evergreen State failed to “protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence,” according to The Olympian.

Both Weinstein and Heying resigned in September as part of a $450,000 settlement with the college.

Rashida Love, director of the college’s First People’s Multicultural Advising Services program, resigned in November due to online threats.

Love and Weinstein had exchanged strained emails about banning white people from the campus that pushed Evergreen State into the debate about free speech and institutional racism on college campuses.

Evergreen Police Chief Stacy Brown resigned in August after she was also targeted by protesters who alleged institutional racism.

GinnyReed - December Sat, 2017


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