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Police Say Cop’s Halloween Display Is Not Racist Despite Neighbor’s Complaint

Weirton Police Officer Sam Krzys has been decorating his yard the same way for 15 years, but now a neighbor complained.

Weirton, WV – A Weirton police officer became the subject of an internal investigation by his police department after some residents complained that his Halloween decorations were racist.

Photos of the display outside Weirton Police Officer Sam Krzys’ home went viral on Saturday, Heavy.com reported.

One of the props in Officer Krzys’ yard was a jumpsuit-clad alien that was hanging from a tree with a rope around its neck.

Concerned neighbors sent the officer a letter asking him to remove that portion of his outdoor display, Heavy.com reported.

“These elements bring to mind such cruelty and terror that it has caused fears and tears from some of the smaller children on the street – as well as uncomfortable feelings from some of the adults,” the letter read.

“Would you please consider removing that particular decoration? We realize you may not share any of the feelings expressed in this letter, and that is your property to do as you please. However, it would be greatly appreciated by many of your new neighbors,” the officer’s neighbor wrote.

Officer Krzys allegedly smeared the letter with fake blood and attached it to the hanging prop, Heavy.com reported.

He then posted a photo that showed him standing next to the hanging dummy with the note affixed to it.

“Well this should hurt some feelings!!!!” he wrote, according to Heavy.com “Neighborhood welcome the crazy Krzys clan with open arms!!!”

The Weirton Police Department (WPD) released a statement at the conclusion of its internal investigation into the 10-year department veteran.

“After weighing the evidence of each side, [the WPD] has concluded that our officer’s incident has been spun into a situation of intended racism is absolutely not the case,” the statement read, according to WTRF.

“The yard decoration prop is an alien hanging from a tree, that was cropped out to show it individually, and was not pictured with the rest of the yard Halloween decorations that were displayed in the same yard,” the department noted. “It is this officer’s off-duty hobby of working with various haunted houses in assisting them with decorating for the Halloween season.”

The WPD said that Officer Krzys has been displaying the hanging alien, as well as a multitude of other decorations, in his yard for the past 15 years.

“The totality of the situation needs to be aired to show that this was not an isolated incident of disrespect towards anyone,” the department added.

Some of Officer Krzys’ neighbors said they have no problem with the officer’s yard decor.

“I just don’t think it was mean-spirited,” Maryruth Julian told WTRF. “I just think it was all for fun and I think people have just kinda blown it out of proportion.”

“I think it’s a sign of the time of political correctness,” John Matysiak told the news outlet. “There is no sense of humor for people. All it takes is one opposing idea, and now it becomes a taboo for society.”

Holly Matkin - November Tue, 2019


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