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Police Release Walmart Gunman’s Manifesto Outlining Motive, More Details About Shooting Rampage

By Sandy Malone and Holly Matkin

Chesapeake, VA – Authorities have released disturbing new details about the investigation into the mass shooting at the Sams Circle Walmart in Chesapeake that left seven people, including the gunman, dead.

The Chesapeake Police Department (CPD) announced on Friday morning that a cell phone recovered at the scene of the massacre inside the big box store on Nov. 22 contained a manifesto of sorts that outlined a possible motive for his shooting spree, WVEC reported.

Police posted a copy of the manifesto to social media in which the gunman referred to his co-workers as “idiots with low intelligence and a lack of wisdom” and seemed to imply that having his phone hacked recently had been the final straw.

“I can’t say that they were the only ones that lacked intelligence and wisdom,” the note written by the future killer read. “I was just as guilty and failed my management team and everyone that ever loved me by convincing them that I was normal.”

In the letter, the Walmart shift supervisor claimed his co-workers had laughed at him and said that he “was like Jeffrey Dahmer.”

“The associates gave me evil twisted grins, mocked me and celebrated my down fall the last day,” the note reads. “That’s why they suffer the same fate.”

In the note, the gunman mentioned a co-worker whom he thought had “listened to the holy spirit” and “looked me in the eyes terrified by a demonic aura.”

“My true intent was never to murder anyone believe it or not, I was actually one of the most loving people in the world if you would get to know me,” the shooter wrote. “I just wanted a wife that was equally yoked as I and obsessed over the thought; however, I didn’t deserve a wife.”

The gunman’s note went on to say that he believed he “was led by the Satan.”

The future killer also wrote that he would spare one of his co-workers who had cancer because of a “special place for her in my [heart] because my mother died from cancer.”

“Please [redacted] let everyone know that bitter seed apricots are the cure for cancer and not the Dr.,” the note read.

“May God forgive me for what I’m going to do…” the manifesto ended.

Detectives searched the gunman’s home and found a receipt that confirmed he had legally purchased the 9mm handgun he used in his shooting rampage on the morning of Nov. 22, just hours before his killing spree at work, WVEC reported.

Police also found the box for the gun, additional ammunition, and paperwork for the weapon inside the home.

The City of Chesapeake has identified the gunman as 31-year-old Andre Bing, FOX News reported.

Walmart said Bing was employed as an “overnight team lead” who had been working for the store for the past 12 years, according to the news outlet.

Authorities have confirmed that six people were killed in the workplace attack and several more were wounded, including two victims who remained in serious condition in the hospital, FOX News reported.

A video posted to social media of the gunman purports to have been filmed just moments before he pulled out a gun and started killing people.

The City of Chesapeake identified the employees who were killed as Randall Blevins, Tyneka Johnson, Kellie Pyle, Brian Pendleton, Lorenzo Gamble, and a 16-year-old male whose name was not released because he was a minor.

Walmart employee Briana Tyler she and about 15 or 20 other members of the store’s overnight stocking team were gathered in a meeting room, waiting for instructions about their duties for the day, when her manager suddenly walked in and began shooting at everyone, according to the news outlet.

“It is by the grace of God that a bullet missed me,” Tyler told FOX News. “I saw the smoke leaving the gun, and I literally watched bodies drop. It was crazy.”

Tyler said her mind couldn’t initially comprehend what was happening, and that her first thought was that it was some sort of training situation.

“It was all happening so fast,” she told FOX News. “I thought it was like a test type of thing. Like, if you do have an active shooter, this is how you respond.”

Tyler said the gunman didn’t appear to be aiming at anyone in specific.

“He was just shooting all throughout the room. It didn’t matter who he hit. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t look at anybody in any specific type of way,” she said.

Another witness said she heard the gunman laughing as he opened fire, WAVY reported.

But that witness disagreed with claims that the gunman was shooting victims at random and instead alleged that he was targeting other store managers.

Jessie Wilczewski, another employee who was present in the meeting room, said the shooter pointed his gun at her as she was trying to hide beneath a table, FOX News reported.

She said he spared her and told her to go home, so she ran out of the room.

Authorities said that the gunman had no prior criminal record, WVEC reported.

Written by
Sandy Malone

Managing Editor - Twitter/@SandyMalone_ - Prior to joining The Police Tribune, Sandy wrote the Politics.Net column for the Wall Street Journal and was managing editor of Campaigns & Elections magazine. More recently, she was an internationally-syndicated columnist for Conde Nast (BRIDES), The Huffington Post, and Monsters and Critics. Sandy is married to a retired police captain and former SWAT commander.

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Written by Sandy Malone


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