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Police Investigating If Semen-Contaminated Flutes Were Given To Southern California Students

Police are trying to collect flutes that were potentially contaminated with semen.

Local, federal, and state agencies are investigating a male music ‘teacher’ who gave Southern California school students flutes and recorders that were contaminated with bodily fluids.

Thirteen school districts warned parents this weekend that their children may have been using the instruments contaminated with “bodily fluids.” One district said that that the bodily fluid could be semen, according to The Washington Post.

The affected school districts included the Saugus Union School District, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Fountain Valley School District.

The flutes and recorders were given to students by the music teacher, who is not a school employee but works with a non-profit program called Flutes Across the World.

In an email to parents, Joan Lucid, Saugus Union School District Superintendent, said:

“The performer distributes a flutelike musical instrument made of PVC pipe or bamboo to students during a music lesson, and the allegation is that he contaminated some of these instruments with semen.  These allegations are deeply concerning, and I realize they raise many questions.”

Lucid said that students were never alone with the music teacher.

CBS News Los Angeles reported that many parents felt “sickened” by the news, and were returning the flutes and recorders to local law enforcement agencies.

One parent, Tudy Balta, said, “My kids have brought these flutes home.  They’re putting their mouths on it, and they’re playing with these instruments.  And for someone to contaminate it with their bodily fluids, that’s disgusting…”

The Orange County Philharmonic Society said that it had sponsored the Flutes Across the World program in six classrooms within the past three years.

A spokeswoman, Chantel Urchida, said that they were one of several arts organizations to sponsor the program, but would not be sponsoring it anymore.

Several agencies are conducting investigations, including the California Department of Justice and the U.S. Postal Service.

It’s not known how the investigation began, or how the flutes were suspected to be contaminated.

OfficerBlue - October Thu, 2017


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