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Police Impersonator Pulls Over Former Classmate Who Is A Real Cop

Brandon Hurley picked on the wrong driver, when he tried to impersonate a police officer, and pulled over an actual cop.

Louisville, KY – A man falsely posing as a police officer pulled over an actual police officer, who also recognized him because they had been high school classmates.

“The officer passed the defendant. The defendant then did a U-turn in the road and got behind affiant’s vehicle,” Judge Sean Delahanty read from charging documents during the hearing. “That’s just some bad luck there, drop in behind a real police officer.”

On Saturday, Brandon Hurley, 24, pulled over a vehicle using flashing lights and his horn, according to CBS News.

The driver of the vehicle Hurley stopped was an actual Louisville Metro Police Department police officer.

Officer William Shive II said he thought Hurley was in trouble at first, so he pulled to the side of the road. Officer Shive was off-duty, in his personal vehicle with his wife, on Oct. 28.

Hurley walked up to the real officer’s vehicle as if he was an officer stopping a driver, according to Kentucky.com.

Hurley asked Officer Shive if he knew he had hit a curb, and if he knew how fast he was going, court documents stated.

Officer Shive asked Hurley what department he worked for and Hurley said, “Jefferson County.”

Shive then asked for Hurley’s badge number. Hurley replied that he didn’t have his badge with him because he was off-duty.

Police said that Officer Shive then told Hurley that he worked for the Louisville police department, and Hurley said he wouldn’t write the real officer a ticket.

Hurley went back to his car and drove away, in the wrong lane of traffic, at a high speed, police said.

Police said that Officer Shive was able to get Hurley’s license plate number as he drove off.

“[The] officer believed he recognized defendant from high school, which is another bad break,” Delahanty said.

After looking at photos, Hurley was able to identify the former classmate.

Hurley was arrested Nov. 1, and was charged with impersonating a police officer and wanton endangerment.

Hurley pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was released from jail on a $500 bond.

The judge also ordered Hurley to remove all the flashing lights from his vehicle, and deliver them back to the court.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 21.

AndrewBlake - November Thu, 2017


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