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Police Captain Facing Termination For ‘White Male Privilege’ Comments

A police captain could be fired for her comments about "white male privilege."

Plainfield, IN – A Plainfield police captain’s future with her department will be decided at Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday.

Plainfield Police Captain Carri Weber was placed on paid administrative leave after she interrupted a training session to lash out at a colleague about his “white male privilege.”

The incident occurred at the Police Supervisors Transgender Awareness Training on Nov. 1, WRTV reported.

The purpose of the session was to teach officers about issues involving transgender people, as well as to help officers learn how to best interact with transgender individuals in the community.

The presentation was led by a U.S. Attorney and a representative of the U.S. Department of Justice, and was recorded.

The altercation began when a 28-year veteran of the department questioned one of the statistics that was being discussed, the New York Post reported.

The statistic indicated that transgender people are 3.32 times more likely to experience police violence, compared to non-transgender people. The data came from 2012 annual report of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, a LGBTQ advocacy group, WRTV reported.

“My wife has never been part of police violence,” the officer said. “Most of the people that I know have never been –“

“Because you’re white male privileged,” Capt. Weber interrupted him.

Witnesses said the officer who posed the question seemed to not hear – or didn’t acknowledge – Capt. Weber’s comment, and continued speaking.

“ – accused the police of violence, so I guess I don’t get where that statistic comes from,” the officer finished.

“Because you’re white male privilege, so you wouldn’t know,” Capt. Weber said again, in a louder voice.

When another participant questioned her comment, she didn’t back down.

“You’re white male privilege,” Capt. Weber said for a third time.

The room quickly erupted with comments of surprise and frustration, as the presenters attempted to redirect attention back to the training.

But the officer who Capt. Weber interrupted was not about to back down.

“Chief, are you going to let her get away with that? Seriously? I’m asking a legitimate question and I’m getting [unintelligible] white privilege? Are you serious? I find that extremely offensive!” the officer said.

The unnamed officer the captain interrupted filed a complaint against her on Nov. 10, WRTV reported.

“I was racially and sexistly slurred by Captain Carri Weber while I was asking a question of the instructor in training,” the officer wrote in the complaint.

“I am now firmly aware of the discriminatory belief she just verbally communicated. … There is no place in the Plainfield Police administration or supervision for someone who holds and espouses her discriminatory views,” it read.

Plainfield Deputy Town Manager Tony Perona told WRTV the Board of Commissioners voted to place Capt. Weber on administrative leave on Nov. 16. The board will determine whether or not she will remain with the department when they convene on Dec 7.

The suspension was Capt. Weber’s second in recent months, WXIN reported.

In August, she was placed on unpaid leave for two weeks after she admitted that she got behind the wheel of her patrol vehicle after drinking at a golf game, WRTV reported. Capt. Weber also admitted she had alcohol in her police cruiser, a violation of department policy.

Capt. Weber “stepped down” from her rank of major after the first suspension, WXIN reported.

HollyMatkin - December Tue, 2017


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