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Pizza Delivery Driver Faces Possible Indictment After Shooting Armed Robbers

A Papa John's driver shot two armed teens who attempted to rob him while he was making a delivery.

Dallas, TX – A pizza delivery driver is facing a potential grand jury indictment after he shot two armed teens who were attempting to rob him.

The Papa John’s driver was making a delivery at an apartment in the 8100-block of Southwestern Boulevard when he was approached by two armed suspects at approximately 10 p.m. on Dec. 10, KTVT reported.

When the 15-year-old suspects attempted to rob him at gunpoint, the driver drew his own concealed weapon and fired at them to defend himself.

Both suspects were hit by gunfire during the altercation, KDFW reported.

One died from his wounds, and the second suspect was transported to a local hospital with non-live threatening wounds.

The surviving suspect has been charged with aggravated robbery, KDFW reported.

According to Brooke Salata, who lives in the apartment complex, detectives told her that the pizza the driver was delivering was supposed to go to her apartment.

Salata denied having placed the order, and said she wasn’t even home at the time of the altercation, KDFW reported.

She said she was glad that the driver was able to protect himself.

“I think he should be able to carry a gun,” she told KDFW. “The guy probably would’ve died if he didn’t.”

Police declined to speculate on whether or not the armed teens had possibly placed a fake order to lure the driver to the area so they could rob him.

The driver said that the attackers pointed guns at his head just before he shot at them, his friend, Abigail Tooley, told KTVT.

“He told me…’I have my concealed gun license and I didn’t know what else to do besides self-defense,” Tooley explained.

The delivery driver, who police confirmed is licensed to carry the firearm he used to defend himself, was released after being questioned by law enforcement.

He was not injured during the armed robbery.

Prosecutors will now present a case against him before a grand jury, which is standard protocol for such incidents in Dallas, KDFW reported.

Papa John’s would not comment regarding whether or not their employees are allowed to carry firearms while working.

They also refused to provide details regarding the driver’s account of what occurred, but said that the company is cooperating with the ongoing investigation into the robbery and shooting, KDFW reported.

Holly Matkin - December Thu, 2019


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