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PD Makes Cops Sign Agreement To Follow Orders Amid Accusations Of Illegal Orders

Collegedale police officers have been asked to sign off on a document promising they will follow orders they receive.

Collegedale, TN – The City of Collegedale has requested all members of its police force to sign a document indicating they have agreed to “follow orders” regardless of the officer’s “generational beliefs.”

The simplistic document bizarrely singled out a requirement most organizations have.

“I…understand that I am voluntarily joining an organization [Collegedale Police Department] that is para-military in its very nature, and as part of our Nation’s domestic defense force where I am given orders to follow and I may also be tasked with giving orders as well from time to time,” the document read.

Officers must acknowledge that they are “part of a uniformed chain-of-command,” and that they “work for and report to the City Manager, Chief of Police, and the remaining supervisory rank structure of the City of Collegedale Police Department,” according to the document.

It also informed officers that they should expect to be given orders by supervisors on a regular basis.

“I accept and agree to the fact that I am to receive and follow orders and directives perhaps on a daily basis regardless of my generational beliefs and values as this is simply part of the job I am applying for and desire and/or hold,” the document read.

By signing the document, officers also acknowledged that no one had forced them to do so.

“I agree to these terms of employment of my own free will and understand I am bound in the performance of my duties regarding them as I accept and maintain my employment with the Collegedale Police Department,” the form read.

The department has not responded to requests for comment regarding why the written agreement was created, WTVC reported.

The document was generated in the midst of an ongoing Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) investigation into the department’s alleged use of an illegal quota system.

In the past several months, the Collegedale assistant police chief resigned and three of the city’s police officers were fired, WTVC reported.

The department has lost a total of eight officers since July, according to WRCB.

Holly Matkin - October Wed, 2019


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