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Outraged Mom Crashes Antifa Press Conference To Blast Media For Ignoring Attack On Families At Church Service

Portland, OR – A furious mother and her three young children overtook an antifa press conference last week to publicly denounce the group’s attack on her family and other churchgoers who were attending a worship service earlier in the month.

Jamee Anatello, who is black, said she, her husband, and five of her eight children were among the Christian worshipers who gathered at Tom McCall Park on the Portland waterfront on Aug. 7 to participate in a church service led by Calgary-based Pastor Artur Pawlowski, The Christian Post reported.

Anatello told the news outlet she was surprised when antifa in black bloc converged on the gathering.

“I’ve always judged the events really well…what’s safe to take my kids to, what’s not,” she said. “It never once crossed my mind that this would be an event they would show up to.”

She estimated there were probably more antifa than churchgoers at the event, The Christian Post reported.

At one point during the gathering, antifa hurled multiple flash grenades into the crowd, Anatello said.

One of them nearly hit her eight-month-old daughter in the face, she said.

A quick-thinking friend was able to block the blast with her arm, leaving her with bruises, welts, and blisters on her arm, feet, and hands, but protecting the infant, The Christian Post reported.

Anatello said the local media ignored the attacks and chose to focus on the alleged presence of alleged Proud Boys instead.

“No Proud Boys were present that day,” she declared. “No local media has taken my story. I spoke with two different stations and they rejected it. I believe that the reason they have not taken my story is because the narrative around here is that the Proud Boys are white supremacists when they’re not. And people around here just refuse to name Antifa as dangerous.”

Anatello said she cannot understand why the media chooses to defend antifa’s terroristic behavior.

She said antifa “has been praised” as a group of anti-fascists who “care about Black Lives Matter.”

“They’ve been seen on video harassing and being violent toward gay people, Asians, black people, transgenders, and the media has stayed silent toward that,” Anatello told The Christian Post. “I want people to know that…that is who they are. They are racist and…dangerous.”

When Anatello learned the media was planning to show up to a press conference set up by antifa-allied groups like the Oregon Justice Resource Center, Don’t Shoot Portland, and the United Mutual Aid Network on Aug. 20, she headed over with three of her children and crashed it, according to reporter Andy Ngo.

The outraged mother charged out in front of the cameras and commandeered the event, loudly proclaiming that it was antifa – not the Proud Boys – who are causing problems in Portland, video footage showed.

“Antifa black bloc are the ones who threw bombs, mortars, and pepper spray at me and my children,” she told the crowd. “My baby girl…was nearly hit in the face with an explosive by white people dressed up in all black attacking me and my family!”

She said the city of Portland and all of antifa’s supporters need to understand the truth about what antifa are doing to innocent people.

“My black children were almost hit with bombs and mortars!” Anatello screamed. “My nine-year-old son was drenched in pepper gas thrown by antifa!”

When a fair-skinned man in a red “Black Lives Still Matter” shirt touched her on the shoulder and tried to interrupt her, the furious mother warned him to step away.

“Boy, if black lives matter to you, you better back up!” Anatello told him before turning her attention back towards the crowd.

“The worst kind are the white, liberal women who look at me in distain,” she said.

She told the news outlets in attendance that they are all “part of the problem” and blasted them for refusing to report on what really happened at the church gathering that day.

Anatello said the Proud Boys have been in her home and that they have been nothing but supportive of her and her family.

The Proud Boys are a far-right self-described “western chauvinist” men-only group which happily antagonizes and engages antifa in street fights.

Some Proud Boy members have been linked to white supremacists, but the group vehemently denies any accusations of racism, and its members come from a range of ethnic backgrounds, according to the ADL.

“They have been nothing but generous and kind to us – my entire black family,” she added. “Antifa is the one who has spray-painted in my kids’ faces, drenched us in pepper spray, and tried to kill us.”

A second video clip showed Anatello interacting with a pink-haired woman who was carrying a sign that read, “No one needs the love of Proud Boys, fake patriots, fascists, neo-Nazis.”

“This is what white liberal women do,” she told the camera. “They’re a thousand times worse than Karens, okay? The white liberal women will not engage in conversation with me.”

A bystander told her the reason they won’t speak with her is because her husband has a YouTube and Facebook show called “The Black Conservative Preacher.”

“So, women matter, right? We don’t want women to be oppressed?” Anatello said. “But because of who my husband is, I no longer have value.”

That’s when the smiling, pink-haired white woman stormed past her, momentarily blocking the camera as she fled.

“There she goes!” Anatello said, proving her earlier claim about liberal women being unwilling to speak with her.

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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