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Officers Badly Beaten After Domestic Violence Victim Attacks Them

Shaunice Dickerson and Derrick Owens have been arrested for brutally attacking two Cincinnati police officers.

Cincinnati, OH – Two Cincinnati police officers were nearly knocked unconscious during a brutal attack as they were responding to the scene of a domestic disturbance last month.

“It becomes a very scary situation when you’re talking about officers losing their memory, maybe even possibly officers losing consciousness,” Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Sergeant Dan Hils told WLWT. “Could they have lost control of their firearms? This is just totally unacceptable.”

The incident occurred at approximately 7:20 a.m. at an apartment complex on Nottingham Road, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“The initial call indicated that a male suspect had a gun and had assaulted the caller and her sister,” the Chicago Police Department (CPD) said, according to the paper.

Officers responded the home and began speaking with the caller, who was later identified as 26-year-old Shaunice Dickerson, WXIX reported.

“The one who called for help ended up assaulting the officers,” CPD Captain Paul Broxterman later told WLWT.

“He begins to talk to her, questions her about what’s going on, at which time she punches the officer in the face,” Capt. Broxterman explained to WXIX.

As the officer attempted to take Dickerson into custody, 26-year-old Derrick Owens barged into the melee and disrupted the arrest, giving Dickerson a chance to flee into an apartment.

During the six-minute brawl that ensued, Owens grabbed onto one of the officers’ Tasers and refused to release his hold, police said.

Police ultimately managed to get the combative suspect pinned against a wall while they waited for additional officers to arrive at the scene, Capt. Broxterman told WXIX.

That’s when Dickerson came back outside and attacked the officers, police said.

“The male officer attempts to get her [Dickerson] away, at which time the male subject [Owens] elbows the female officer several times in the face, knocks her head against the wall,” the captain explained.

Cell phone footage showed Owens as he repeatedly slammed his elbow into the officer’s face.

The second officer lost his hold on Dickerson as he tried to stop Owens from assaulting his partner.

One officer suffered “significant facial injuries” during the attack, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Her nose was also broken, WXIX reported.

“They showed a lot of restraint,” Capt. Broxterman said, according to WCPO. “This subject, especially when the female officer was struck several times, she showed a lot of restraint in keeping him contained until backup officers arrived.”

Fifteen more officers raced to the scene, and were able to place Owens and Dickerson under arrest, WXIX reported.

Owens and the injured officers were transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where they were each treated and released, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Both officers suffered concussions as a result of the attack, according to WLWT.

Owens has been charged with resisting arrest, robbery, assault, and felonious assault, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“This male subject that was arrested has been arrested for 41 charges in the past. He’s been convicted 15 times,” Capt. Broxterman told WLWT.

He said Owens has also been arrested for domestic violence-related offenses on seven occasions, but that the charges were all ultimately dropped because the alleged victims refused to cooperate.

Dickerson has been charged with assault and resisting arrest in connection with the assault on the officers, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Capt. Broxterman also expressed frustration that no one tried to help the officers as they were being assaulted.

“Everybody is quick to film the event – how about coming to the aid of the officer?” the captain said, according to WKRC. “The officer is trying to effect an arrest, a lawful arrest, but yet, some of the public is more interested in getting that bit of fame on Facebook by capturing an incident.”

Holly Matkin - December Mon, 2019


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