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Officer Orders Food At Arby’s Restaurant In Georgia And Receives Receipt With “PIGS” Typed On It

Oakwood, GA – An incident with law enforcement on Christmas Eve left a bitter taste in the mouth of an Arby’s employee named Teddie, and she made her opinion known when local law enforcement tried to enjoy a meal there Monday night.


Todd Templeton, Oakwood Police Investigator, said that one man and two women suspects went into Lanier Package on McEver Road on Christmas Eve, 2016.  The male suspect picked up a bottle of tequila and tried to hide it in his sweat pants.  The store owner then confronted all three suspects about the theft and was assaulted by the male suspect, who allegedly punched him in the mouth.  All three suspects then fled in a gold Honda Accord.  The store owner was not seriously injured.

An independent witness, Katie Pruett, contacted Blue Lives Matter and said that officers went to the Arby’s Restaurant #5421, located in Oakwood, Georgia, on Monday, January 2, 2017, at 5:48 PM to enjoy a meal.

The receipt was given to an officer that was quite interesting. A picture of the initial receipt showed the following information:  Arby’s Restaurant #5421, host Teddie, 01/02/2017, 5:48 PM, with the number “12” in bold and in two locations.  A picture of the second receipt showed the following information:  Arby’s Restaurant #5421, host Teddie, 01/02/2017, 5:48 PM, but with “PIGS” typed in bold and in two locations, replacing the number “12.”

The Arby’s receipt with the PIGS note.

A reliable source said that ‘Teddie’ is one of the three suspects in the Christmas Eve incident at Lanier Package Store.  A manager from the Gainesville Arby’s Restaurant was contacted this morning, would only comment that the employee no longer worked for Arby’s,  and would not comment further.  We attempted to contact the General Manager for the Arby’s Restaurants for that area but was advised he was not in the office.

It’s unacceptable and offensive if an officer does his or her job and can’t eat a meal without being disrespected.  Hopefully this is a former employee and not a current employee.

UPDATE: Arby’s has responded. Click HERE for the update.

We thank the officers who serve and protect Oakwood and the surrounding area.   This is not an isolated incident as other incidents have been reported recently at restaurants across the country. It’s either not safe to eat or drink at restaurants because someone is spitting in an officer’s coffee or officers are receiving a disgusting message on their receipt.

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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