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O.J.’s Lawyer Compares Victim’s Family To ‘Greedy’ Slave Owners

Attorney Malcolm LaVergne said the Goldmans are like plantations owners trying to dehumanize O.J.

O.J. Simpson’s lawyer said that Fred Goldman was greedy as well as a “plantation master” eager to get his settlement money from the former NFL player.

After Ron Goldman was killed along with Nicole Brown, the Goldman family won a civil suit against Simpson and have been seeking payment from that legal victory.

“Money money money money. I’ve heard the Greedy Goldmans talk about money a thousand times since they came on my radar screen in July, but only heard them mention that poor, dead kid Ron a few times. Go figure. M,” Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne tweeted according to legal news site Law and Crime.

In a series of tweets, LaVergne attacked the Goldman family and compared them to plantation owners saying the family was trying to “dehumanize” Simpson while profiting at the same time.
“Hence, slavery,” LaVergne tweeted.

LaVergne did acknowledge that Simpson was “no saint.”

Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman, responded: “No saint is right. Brutally stabbing two humans disqualifies him from that. Please remove me from your disgusting commentary (aka LIES!) about my family. Be better Malcolm, you have time.”

LaVergne also called Kim Goldman, “Wacky Kim.”

Kim Goldman responded: “You [@SinCityAttorney] are a special kind of something to be that insensitive. Get off Twitter and stop including me in these disgusting tweets.”

Simpson was recently was paroled after serving nine years in prison on armed robbery and other charges. He was acquitted of criminal murder charges in 1995 in the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Simpson was later found liable in civil court for the deaths of Brown and Goldman and the court ordered he pay $25 million in damages to their surviving families, Yahoo News reported.

Simpson, moved his assets to Florida, where the assets can’t be confiscated by creditors, according to Law and Crime. The Goldmans continue to fight for the settlement money.

AndrewBlake - November Sat, 2017


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