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NYC Correction Officer Suspended For Social Media Post Encouraging Cop Killers

NYC Correction Captain La Shonda Stanley was suspended for a Facebook post that she claimed her husband wrote.

New York, NY – A New York City corrections official was suspended after a post calling on cop killers to shoot police officers appeared on the Facebook page she shares with her husband.

Correction Captain La Shonda Stanley blamed the unhinged-sounding diatribe on her husband, Rashid Stanley, the New York Post reported.

“Message!!!! How easily people forget,” began the message that was written entirely in capital letters. “Y’all upset about some pigs getting water thrown on them… They’re lucky they didn’t get shot while making an arrest! All the innocent black men and women killed at the hands of these pigs.”

Criminals have recently been dumping buckets of water on New York Police Department (NYPD) officers responding to emergency calls in various parts of the city.

“Y’all forgot ‘Eric Gardner’ [sic] killer just got off with murder, on camera!” the post continued. “For those so called good cops that will say ‘not all cops are bad’… Death to you scumbags also, you stand by and allow your fellow officers to do wrong, you guilty as well! NWA… F–k the police…. It’s time we shoot back!!! Cop killers stand up!!!”

The post was signed “Mr. Stanley” and Capt. Stanley claimed she didn’t write it, the New York Post reported.

However, the assertion that she wasn’t the author of the post wasn’t enough to keep the correction captain out of trouble with her own department.

Capt. Stanley has been with corrections since 2004 and is currently assigned to Rikers Island, according to the New York Daily News.

Correction officers are law enforcement officers and the post could be construed as having targeted at Cpt. Stanley’s colleagues.

“I will not tolerate this type of behavior from anyone in my department against members of the NYPD or any other law enforcement officer in this country,” New York City Correction Commissioner Cynthia Brann said. “An investigation is underway and the officer has been suspended pending outcome.”

Before the threatening, anti-cop post went viral, Capt. Stanley was on a short list for a promotion, the New York Daily News reported.

Sources told that paper that after the post went viral, Capt. Stanley quickly told all of her friends and coworkers that her husband had written the offending message.

“She’s telling everyone it was her husband that did it, but it’s still an arrestable offense,” the source said. “She’s going to pay a high price for this. Everyone is on fire over this.”

But blaming the whole mess on her husband may not have been Capt. Stanley’s wisest move.

Rashid Stanley also works for the city of New York, the New York Daily News reported.

Sources said he works as a car inspector for the city’s transit department.

Another source told the New York Daily News that NYPD is still trying to decide whether charges should be filed against one or both of the Stanleys.

“The NYPD is aware and is investigating the incident,” NYPD Spokeswoman Sergeant Mary Frances O’Donnell said.

Sandy Malone - August Sat, 2019


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