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NFL’s ‘Pacman’ Jones Arrested, Goes On Racist Tirade And Threatens Cops

NFL free agent Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested for allegedly cheating at a casino in Indiana.

Rising Sun, IN – National Football League (NFL) free agent Adam “Pacman” Jones cursed out police officers and threatened to kill them while he was being arrested for cheating at the Rising Star Casino Resort (video below).

Jones, 35, was arrested at about 3:17 a.m. on Feb. 27 after he was accused of “capping bets,” meaning he was adding more chips to his bets after the outcome of the game was known, according to TMZ.

Indiana Gaming Commission Enforcement (IGCE) agents responded to the scene and took the professional football player into custody in a service hallway behind the gaming rooms.

Court documents said that Jones said “f–k you” to several IGCE agents and gave them the middle finger when they first approached him about the casino’s allegations, TMZ reported.

IGCE Agent Christopher Norton said Jones threatened another agent during his arrest.

“I will kill you … I will whoop your ass,” Jones reportedly told the law enforcement officer.

Agent Norton said Jones continues to behave in a threatening manner, so he was taken into custody and put into handcuffs, TMZ reported.

Jones smelled like booze, Agent Norton said.

TMZ released a video of the arrest that was filmed by the football player’s wife.

In the video, Jones repeatedly told his wife to call 911 and get the police there, seeming not to understand that the agents who had handcuffed him were legitimate law enforcement officers.

“Dial 911 right now,” Jones told his wife.

“Okay, call the police,” his wife told another woman off camera.

“We are the police,” one of the agents told her.

“No, we’re going to call the city police,” she replied in the video.

Jones argued with the agents in the video and said that since he hadn’t assaulted anybody, he shouldn’t be in handcuffs.

The agents did not release him, and he became belligerent.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Why are you touching me?” Jones yelled at Agent Norton, who had ahold of his handcuffed hands and one hand on his shoulder.

Agents told the professional football player to stop yelling and his wife went on a tirade about how “he can do what he want and say what he want,” claiming it was a First Amendment issues.

“He didn’t put his hands on nobody, he can say what he want – it’s called freedom of speech,” she announced.

“Call 911 on your phone! Right now!” Jones ordered his wife.

“She already did – she’s calling,” his wife assured him.

“I need someone up here ASAP,” a woman can be heard saying twice in the background on the video.

Jones started screaming “Freedom of speech! Freedom of speech!” over and over again.

“F–k you… you b—h a– n—a! Freedom of speech!” Jones yelled

The agents walked the football player back to the security office with his wife screaming at them and filming the whole way, the video showed.

She insisted on following them to film the arrest on her cell phone.

“We want to have him in our eyesight,” Jones’ wife told the agents.

“There’s cameras everywhere,” one of the agents responded.

“He needs to be in our eyesight! He needs to be in our eyesight, period,” she repeated over and over again in the video. “There are too many situations where police are beatin’ on people. He needs to be in our eyesight.”

At one point, Jones turns and yells at Agent Norton, who was walking behind him, calling him a “b—h,” the video showed.

“You ain’t s–t” and “You ain’t nothing but a b—h,” Jones told the agent.

The one-time NFL Pro Bowl player was taken into the security office and ultimately, taken into custody by the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office, TMZ reported.

But when ICGE agents were handing Jones over to deputies for transport to the jail, he tried to make a break for it.

But he was nabbed by officers before he got very far, TMZ reported.

The football player continued to curse at the officers after he was captured.

“F–k you,” “suck my dick,” and “you’re a bunch of crackers,” Jones reportedly said.

One officer said that Jones also said “suck my d–k, n—a,” TMZ reported.

Court documents showed that Jones was charged with felony intimidation and felony battery against an officer.

He is also facing misdemeanor charges for cheating at gambling, resisting law enforcement, and public intoxication, according to TMZ.

Jones has been arrested numerous times.

The football star was arrested in downtown Cincinnati on Jan. 3, 2017 after he yelled, cursed, and beat on a glass door at a motel. He also assaulted a security guard by pushing and poking him in the eye.

Police sources said that while being taken into custody, Jones refused to get into a police car and assaulted an officer by kicking and head-butting him.

During the 20-minute dash cam video of the football player’s transport you can hear Jones yelling obscenities, including “suck my d–k*,”* 11 times, and “f–k you, bh” at least 21 times from the backseat of the cop car.

He also told the officer “I hope you die tomorrow” after repeatedly asking the officer about his charges.

Later at the jail, he spit in the face of a jail nurse while he was being processed. Neither the security officer, the officer, nor the jail nurse were seriously injured.

From 2005 to 2007, Pacman was involved in multiple incidents, including one in 2006 where he spit in a woman’s eye at a bar. Jones was suspended by the NFL for the entire 2007 season after multiple incidents involving law enforcement.

In 2011, Jones was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He plead guilty to disorderly conduct after the resisting arrest charge was dismissed, and he was placed on probation.

He also has a previous charge of Assault from 2013, where he was found not guilty. In 2015, Jones was asked to leave a casino in Indiana and no charges were filed.

In 2007, Jones started a fight at a Las Vegas strip club after he began throwing money at the dancers. Two people were shot during that fight, and Jones was sued.

One of the victims who was shot remains paralyzed from the waist down. Although Jones was not the gunman, he ultimately settled the lawsuit and paid $12.5 million for his role in the fight.

Jones, who played college football for West Virginia, was drafted into the NFL in 2005 by the Tennessee Titans.

You can see video from the football player’s arrest below:

Sandy Malone - March Fri, 2019


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