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NFL Wife Accuses Raiders Of Letting Quarterback Get Hurt For Standing Up To Kneelers

The wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brent Grimes said the Raiders planned to let their quarterback get hurt.

Tampa, FL – Miko Grimes, the wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Brent Grimes, said that the Oakland Raiders offensive line let their quarterback get injured because he told them to stand for the national anthem.

Grimes, host of the iHeartMiko podcast, said the Raiders had a disagreement about standing for the anthem just before they took the field to play the Washington Redskins.

She said the Raiders let their quarterback get hit because they were mad at him for choosing to stand.

“[Carr] was against [the offensive line] protesting. And they had a fight in the locker room before that Monday night game with the Redskins. They were fighting in the locker room, and that’s the only all-black offensive line in the NFL is the Raiders,” Grimes told Revolt TV in an in terview.

“Derek Carr is a bible-thumper to the fullest. And so he was basically trying to force the players to read the bible before the game, and do all this stuff and they were like, ‘No, that’s you.’ And so he was so upset about it, when the whole offensive line said they were going to kneel, he was like, ‘No, you’re not kneeling. This is America, you’re going to stand for the flag.’ And they got in a fight in the locker room, so when they came out to play, they basically had a plan,” Grimes said.

Grimes said the offensive line intentionally let the rushers through to sack Carr, according to Yahoo Sports .

But Grimes got some of her facts wrong.

Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr suffered a back injury in Week 4 of the season when he was sacked by the Denver Broncos, not during the game against the Redskins.

Sports writer Scott Winter tweeted that he was in the locker room after the DC game and didn’t hear anything about a disagreement.

Players and sports reporters have clapped back hard against Grimes’ allegations.

“At the risk of crossing the, ahem, volatile Mrs. Grimes, this is fake news,” wrote Will Brinson for CBS Sports.

“It’s not a thing. The Raiders offensive line did not conspire to injure their quarterback because he did not want them protesting. You’ll recall their own head coach did not want them protesting,” Brinson wrote.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini took to Twitter to share her research. In a long series of tweet, she explained what actually happened.

Russini said her Raiders sources told her Grimes’ claims were totally false.

“Raiders went to Washington D.C. and discussed as a team including the owner, head coach, and team leaders how they would handle the anthem,” she tweeted.

They decided to stay in the locker room, as a team, and go out on the field after the anthem. But the Sunday Night Football broadcast protocol puts the anthem after the coin toss, so the Raiders couldn’t stay off the field, she said.

Russini said she was told “Derek Carr never told his team to stand, sit, or kneel. He told them I respect your choice.”

Carr’s teammate Donald Penn refuted Grimes’ claim, too.

And Carr’s brother tweeted a Bible verse chosen to make a point.

Podcast host Grimes used to be a radio show host, until she lost that gig after she was arrested by police at a Miami Dolphins’ game, according to Black Sports Online.

The Palm Beach Post said Grimes “was arrested Sept. 27 on felony charges after she allegedly broke through a barricade of police bicycles and entered a restricted area of the stadium.”

Grimes was charged with felony charges of suspicion of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

During the course of the arrest, she head-butted an officer, and almost got tased. Later she kicked a police officer.

“F**k you, cops,” she reportedly screamed during the scuffle. “You can’t tell me what to do.”

The prosecutor later dropped the charges, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

AndrewBlake - November Wed, 2017


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