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News Anchor George Stephanopoulos Caught Out Of Quarantine While Sick

George Stephanopoulos was spotted at a pharmacy, a golf course, and out walking while he should have been quarantined.

East Hampton, NY – Yet another media anchor was caught breaking quarantine in The Hamptons just a week after announcing he had tested positive for coronavirus.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopoulos announced on April 13 that he tested positive for coronavirus two weeks after his wife became seriously ill with the virus, the New York Post reported.

His wife, Ali Wentworth, who spent 16 days in isolation in the couples’ bedroom, said she had felt miserable and run a high fever for days while she battled COVID-19.

“I am grateful for my health,” Wentworth posted on social media, according to the New York Post. “It was a brutal and scary time. But I am one of the lucky ones. And as I continue to recover I am struck by what has become the dehumanization of this plague. People are dying. People are suffering. People are hungry. People are scared.”

However, Stephanopoulos said he had been asymptomatic and was actually surprised when he tested positive despite his exposure to his spouse.

Stephanopoulos and his wife, actress Ali Wentworth, appeared via livestream as guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 15 and talked about their experience with the virus and quarantine.

The former Clinton White House advisor, who continues to film his morning show from home, said he was following proper quarantine protocol during the pandemic, but it turned out that a neighbor had caught him out and about just few days before he tested positive, the New York Post reported.

“If you know someone’s wife has corona and the wife has been very very sick with it, do you think that the husband should be out at pharmacies picking up prescriptions when the pharmacy delivers and does curbside pickup?” neighbor Carrie Doyle wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post on April 10.

The neighbor was referring to White’s Apothecary in East Hampton, according to the New York Post.

“Even though he is wearing a mask, would it still be disconcerting for you to see that he has been standing several feet away from you for ten minutes while you talked to the pharmacist?” Doyle asked.

“If your answer is yes than [sic] please tweet GEORGE STEPHANOPOLOUS [sic] to stay the hell home!!!!!!!!!” the angry neighbor wrote.

The furious neighbor posted again on April 13 after Stephanopoulos announced his positive diagnosis on the air, The New York Post reported.

“Thanks for letting me know that now George Stephanopoulos [sic] has admitted he tested positive for Corona,” Doyle wrote. “Below is a picture of George trespassing on the Maidstone golf course on Saturday. He was not wearing his mask.”

She pointed out that Stephanopoulos was walking one of the family dogs who had appeared in Instagram pictures with a sick Wentworth, the New York post reported.

“We still don’t know if dogs can transmit,” Doyle added. “He is also trespassing on a private golf course, entering through a lane where it clearly says PRIVATE CLUB NO TRESPASSING. So is this a good guy or what?”

A friend of Stephanopoulos defended the news anchor to the New York Post and claimed he was wearing a mask and gloves in the pharmacy and on the golf course.

However, TMZ posted a picture of Stephanopoulos taking a walk through East Hampton on Monday, while he was allegedly still in self-isolation.

In the picture, Stephanopoulos was talking on his phone with his facemask down around his neck.

The former politico was still within the 14-day window where he could still be contagious with the virus on April 20, according to TMZ.

On April 21, Stephanopoulos announced on “Good Morning America” that he had tested positive for the antibodies needed to fight over coronavirus, which means that he is fully recovered from the illness.

He also said he has signed up for a clinical trial to donate plasma to help cure future patients, TMZ reported.

Stephanopoulos isn’t the only political news luminary who has been busted breaking quarantine in East Hampton while positive for coronavirus.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his wife, who has also since tested positive, were seen out and about on Easter Sunday.

Chris Cuomo, younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, threatened a 65-year-old neighbor who was riding by on his bike and stopped to ask why the COVID-19 patient was breaking quarantine.

As of April 21, 130,689 New York residents had tested positive for coronavirus and 4,758 have died, according to Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker.

Tom Gantert - April Tue, 2020


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