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New Footage In Brittany Herring’s Live Stream Kidnapping & Assault Of Special Needs Male In Chic

Chicago - New footage has surfaced in the case of a special needs man who was kidnapped and assaulted on Chicago's west side.

Chicago – New footage has surfaced in the case of a special needs man who was kidnapped and assaulted on Chicago’s west side.

As we reported earlier the white male seen on the video posted by Brittany Herring is believed to be a high-risk special needs missing person from Crystal Lake, a northwestern suburb of Chicago. The man is believed to have been held by the torturers for 24-48 hours. In the newly released video, the man is forced to drink from a toilet bowl as he endures slapping and anti-Trump slurs. On the second video he is bound and gagged in the corner as his clothes and scalp is cut and used as an ashtray. All video was captured on the Facebook account of Brittany Herring.

Two black men and two black women, all age 18 are in custody, following a brutal attack of a white special needs man that was captured on Live Stream. Chicago Police Department held a press conference on December 4th after the video of the attack started gaining attention.

Police Chief Eddie Johnson and Commander Kevin Duffin spoke of the incident, saying it may have just been a case of stupid decisions. “Kids make stupid mistakes, I shouldn’t call them kids, they are legally adults, but they are young adults and they make stupid decisions,” said Commander Kevin Duffin. “That certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime, determine whether or not this is since or stupid ranting and raving.”

Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson said, “I think part of it is just stupidity. People ranting about something they think might make a headline. At this point we don’t have anything concrete to point (toward a hate crime) but we’ll keep investigating and let the facts guide us on how this concludes.”

The two credit 11th District Officers for finding the man after the incident. CPD disclosed that the victim initially went voluntarily with one of the suspects, a former schoolmate and its unclear at what point it turned in to a kidnapping and assault case. The special needs victim was disoriented and unable to communicate exactly what happened for a number of hours after the attack. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment and police are still trying to communicate fully with him on the incident.

CPD press conference regarding disturbing live social media video:

— Chicago Police (@Chicago_Police) January 5, 2017

Video shows the victim being told to crawl on his hands and knees as he is yelled at. He is then forced to drink from a toilet bowl as his head is pushed down and he is slapped. “Say fuck Donald Trump, bitch!” is yelled in the background.

Video shows the victim with his mouth taped shut and his hands and feet bound. His clothes are being cut by the perpetrators as they call him a “Bitch ass nigga” and the group repeats, “Fuck Donald Trump.” The group then cuts his scalp and uses a fresh head wound as an ashtray.

What took place next can be seen on a thirty-minute Live stream from Brittany Herring. Comments that can be heard on the video include: “You shouldn’ta did that bro,” “When the police find it they gonna test that blood bro,” “Cut this shit,” “I’m finna’ make yo’ ass walk all the way home buck ass naked,” “Bitch ass nigga,” “Fuck Donald Trump nigga, Fuck white people.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family. We look forward to nothing less than appropriate charges in the case of these low-lifes.

Do you think that the suspect’s age should give them a lighter sentence? Let us know in the comments below.

BlueLivesMatterArchi - July Wed, 2017


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