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Michigan State Senate Candidate Defends Pedophilia Then Attacks Police

Michigan State Senate candidate Mike Saari's anti-police beliefs are the cornerstone of his campaign.

Canton, MI – A Michigan State Senate candidate’s pattern of offensive social media posts has extended to include his anti-police viewpoints, which he recently declared to be the “first priority” of his campaign.

Mike Saari, who is running for a Senate nomination in the upcoming Republican primary, explained his disdain for police in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“How officers sleep and live with themselves is beyond normal comprehension,” Saari wrote. “All I can gather is police officers are recruited while young before they are able to find wisdom, experience and love for others.”

He argued that law enforcement officers enforce laws, but that they “do not serve and protect anyone,” and that Jesus would never approve of the work they do.

“Cops poop on people each and every day of their entire lives,” Saari asserted. ”[They] should be ashamed of themselves.”

Saari explained that officers are nothing but “robots,” who “harass” good citizens on a daily basis, and “destroy families” by creating financial grief and devastation.

“I do not find in favor of satanic revenue at the expense of people trying to afford diapers for their babies,” he added.

Just one day prior, Saari announced that he planned to “increase every Michigan police officer’s pay to $50.00 per hour,” as part of a police reform bill.

“Police officers today can violate the people’s rights void of accountability or liability and that’s just wrong on so many levels,” Saari lamented in another post.

According to a screenshot posted to Saari’s election page, the senate candidate also shared his views on why young people would ever consider going into the field of law enforcement.

“Cops don’t become cops because they have special magical love abilities or elevated spiritual gifts,” he said. “Today, kids become cops for ego, God like powers, and free blowjobs.”

“They sure don’t seem to care about who swallows or who pays the fines as long as it’s not the overly protected blue,” he added.

​In his campaign syllabus, Saari proposed that all officers “shall be mandated” to carry personal liability insurance, and denounced police unions, because they “do not protect or benefit the people or society.”

He also planned to spearhead a “state registry for bad police officers,” which he said would be operated under the same guidelines as a sexual offender registry.

Saari’s pattern of poorly-conceptualized Facebook posts stem back to at least 2016, when he shared his views on pedophilia.

“Women don’t seem to understand that from the very beginning of time men have taken young girls [prior to periods] as wives and concubines,” Saari wrote, according to the Detroit Patch. “Even the bible talks of this so don’t make it sound like men that are attracted to 12 year old girls are sick…It’s you woman that can’t get a grip on reality is what’s sick…It’s only normal and you can’t change normal or a person’s DNA…”

Saari later told the Detroit Patch that he did not create the post.

He also came under fire for a post he wrote following Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s sentencing of former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics sports medicine doctor Larry Nassar, who sexually assaulted over 150 juveniles and women.

“I just signed your death warrant,” Aquilina told Nassar, as she sent him to prison for 175 years.

Saari took to Facebook to share his disapproval of the judge.

“Judge was wrong for her personal vocal opinions on record…That should be a crime against jurisprudence itself,” Saari wrote. “Lastly, what do you think this feminazi judge would say if her husband asked for a BJ?”

The comment quickly drew public outrage, and prompted Saari to drop out of the Senate race – at least for a moment.

“I don’t want chaos in my community. I don’t want hatred in my community. I care enough about my community to step back,” Saari told the Detroit Patch.

He claimed that his constituents were “in tears” over the attacks on his character.

“I was almost a shoe-in,” he added.

On May 10, Saari announced that he “is not recusing himself…as earlier stated,” and that he would continue to campaign for the senate seat.

“Many constituents…have been loving and most supportive of my candidacy and our ‘law reform platform,’ having made several written request the campaign proceed…” Saari explained.

The Michigan state senate primary will be held on Aug. 7, and the general election will take place on Nov. 6.

HollyMatkin - May Sat, 2018


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