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Miami Firefighter Fired After Anti-Police Rant In Response To Murder Of Detective Echaverry

By Holly Matkin and Christopher Berg

Miami, FL – A City of Miami Fire Rescue firefighter was fired on Friday after writing an anti-police rant in response to the murder of Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) Detective Cesar Echaverry earlier in the week.

Detective Echaverry was mortally wounded Monday night when an armed robbery suspect shot him in the head. The detective remained on life support before succumbing to his injuries early Wednesday morning.

That’s when firefighter Kevin Newcomb decided to write an anti-police rant in a group text message in response to news about the murdered detective.

“Who cares? Another dead cop, probably against gun control,” Newcomb wrote. “They didn’t give an [expletive] when kids were dying in that school shooting they stood outside. Cops exist for the government to exercise its monopoly on violence. They want the whole world to stop when one of theirs goes down. How many idiots I had to transport with honor guard their dead bodies from coronavirus because they all were too stupid to wear masks or get vaccinated? All cops are good for is protecting the rich property owners and the status quo. Everything else is a farce. [Expletive] the police.”

Screenshots of his message quickly garnered widespread backlash.

The Miami Lodge #20 Fraternal Order of Police President Tommy Reyes issued a statement about the incident on Thursday.

“These comments are disgusting and lead me to worry for the safety of our members, fearing that this fire fighter may not assist one of our members the way he should,” Reyes said in the statement. “I have forwarded the information to internal affairs and the Chief of Police. I requested that an investigation be opened on this person and for the safety of our members he be removed from duty pending the investigation.”

“I want to remind our members that this person’s statement does not reflect the feelings of all of our fire department brothers and sisters,” the statement said.

WSVN contacted Newcomb about his comments, and the now-former firefighter apologized.

“I am writing this to apologize for the statements that have been circulating that I made earlier this week with some friends in a private chat,” Newcomb wrote, according to WSVN. “I sincerely apologize to those closest to officer Echaverry who have been made to feel more pain because of my words. I wish I could take them back.”

“I hope that my actions do not continue to distract from the mourning of Officer Echaverry, who did not deserve any of this,” Newcomb said in his statement.

Miami Fire Rescue Chief Joseph Zahralban issued a statement on Thursday announcing the termination of Newcomb.

“We have confirmed that the firefighter in question authored a written statement using a social media platform that demonstrated a disregard for human life, demonstrated a violent and antagonistic stance towards civil servants and represented conduct unbecoming of a Miami Firefighter,” Zahralban said, according to WSVN. “These characteristics make it impossible for this individual to carry out his duties as a first responder in the City of Miami.”

Newcomb isn’t the only public servant in trouble for their reaction related to Detective Echaverry’s murder.

A police investigation is underway to determine the identity of an officer who callously complained about patrol cars racing by him as they were rushing to help Detective Echaverry.

An unidentified male officer – allegedly a member of the Miami Police Department (MPD) – was heard in a police radio recording asking dispatch why MDPD vehicles were speeding past him on Northwest 7th Avenue at speeds of 60 miles per hour on Monday night, he Miami Herald reported.

The dispatcher explained that police were on their way to an “officer down” situation.

“Okay,” the officer replied. “To yourselves, let them know they’re going to have another officer down if they keep going at 70 miles per hour near my car.”

A supervisor then stepped in and reprimanded the officer who made the remark, according to WPLG.

“Let’s try to use a little bit more tact and not hang anyone up,” the supervisor said. “If we have an officer down, they’re going to pass you at 80 miles per hour next time.”

MPD Chief Manny Morales was outraged over the alleged MPD officer’s callous remark and said the officer will likely be disciplined once he is identified, according to the Miami Herald.

“His comments are disgusting, disturbing and completely uncalled for,” Chief Morales said.

The MPD said in a statement on Tuesday that an investigation into the radio transmission was underway.

“We are aware of a police audio radio transmission possibly involving one of our officers,” the department said. “If in fact it is determined that it is our officer, he will be held accountable for his actions.”

“It is unsettling and disturbing listening to the lack of concern, compassion, and empathy,” the MPD added. “We continue to pray for the injured Miami Dade County Police Officer and hoping for a full and speedy recovery.”

Written by
Christopher Berg

Editor-in-Chief: Twitter/@SnarkyCop. Christopher left his job as a police officer to manage The Police Tribune to provide context to the public about police incidents. Before becoming a police officer, he worked as a law enforcement dispatcher trainer.

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Written by Christopher Berg


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