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Mexico Will Deport All 500 Migrants Who Violently Rushed U.S. Border

Mexico said that they will deport the violent migrants who assaulted the U.S. border wall.

Tijuana, Mexico – The Mexican interior ministry announced Sunday that they would be deporting all 500 migrants to violently rushed the U.S. border earlier in the day, according to The Guardian.

People in the migrant caravan had successfully breached the U.S. border wall, but were repelled with gas.

Mexican authorities were able to contain the people who rushed the wall.

Approximately 7,000 additional migrants who did not rush the border wall will remain in Tijuana.

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When the assault on the wall happened, approximately 500 immigrants broke through the Mexico blockade to make it to the border wall.

Waving Honduran flags, a group of mostly men opened up a gap in the wall. However, some women also pushed small children in strollers to the breach in the wall.

Then, immigrants started throwing rocks and U.S. agents responded with gas.

The border point of entry has now been completely shut down in response to the rush at the border.

It’s not clear at this time if any arrests were made.

Pro-immigrants have been blasting the Border Patrol on social media for using gas because some immigrants brought their children to an attack on the border wall.

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Christopher Berg - November Mon, 2018


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