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Media Says Police Chiefs Oppose Concealed Carry, But Facts Say Otherwise

A small percentage of police chiefs voiced opposition for concealed carry reciprocity.

Washington, DC – A Washington Post article implied police chiefs opposed concealed carry when it reported a letter endorsed by a whopping 473 officials belonging to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

What this doesn’t show is that most chiefs didn’t actually sign the letter.

“The nation’s police chiefs are rising up against another conservative crime-fighting initiative,” the first paragraph of the Washington Post reported.

The headline read: Police chiefs implore Congress not to pass concealed-carry reciprocity gun law.

The bill in Congress would require all states recognize the permits of all other states, the Washington Post reported.

The article reported that 473 police officials endorsed the letter from the IACP.

However, the International Association of Chiefs of Police represent 18,000 police departments across the country. That means about 2.6 percent of the agencies that the IACP represents endorsed the letter that the Washington Post reported on.

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The Washington Post reported the contents of the IACP letter.

“This legislation,” the letter states, “is a dangerous encroachment on individual state efforts to protect public safety, and it would effectively nullify duly enacted state laws and hamper law enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence.”

The IACP leadership has been criticized for expressing far-left viewpoints, which was demonstrated in 2016 when they apologized for the historical mistreatment of people of minorities.

Blue Lives Matter’s National Spokesman, retired Lt. Randy Sutton responded at the time, “Just where have you been the last two years as street cops have been gunned down and brutally murdered all over this nation? Did I somehow miss your outrage at these crimes and your leadership in combating them? Where were you as good cops were persecuted and prosecuted unjustly for simply protecting themselves and doing their duty? Oh yes, now I remember, it was Chiefs of Police who threw their troops under the proverbial bus in order to protect their own careers and the stars on their collars.”

Outside of the IACP, in the most recent survey done by the National Association of Chiefs of Police, it was reported that police organizations overwhelmingly support the recognition of concealed-carry reciprocity gun laws.

That 2016 survey found that 86.4 percent of the chiefs responding said they support “nationwide recognition of state issued concealed weapon permits.” Just 10.6 percent of respondents said they were not supportive. Another 2.9 percent were listed as not available.

According to the NRA, bill H.R. 38 ensures that American who can legally carry a concealed firearm in one state will legally be able to do it in all the rest of the states.

“This bill ensures that all law-abiding citizens in our great country can protect themselves in the manner they see fit without accidentally running afoul of the law,” said Chris Cox, executive director, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, in a press release.

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AndrewBlake - April Fri, 2018


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