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Man Who Helped Murder Three Officers Up For Parole, Sheriff Aims To Stop Him

Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward isn't going to let Kenneth Vodochodsky get parole in March if he can help it.

Jourdanton, TX – The Atascosa County sheriff has asked the community to help him stop a criminal who helped kill three law enforcement officers from getting parole in March.

Kenneth Vodochodsky pleaded guilty to making a phony 911 call to lure Atascosa County Sheriff’s Deputies Thomas Monse and Mark Stephenson and Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Terry Miller into a fatal ambush on Oct. 12, 1999, WOAI reported.

Prosecutors said that Vodochodsky bailed his roommate out of jail the day before he initiated the ambush, according to Murderpedia.

The roommate told Vodochodsky that he wanted to retaliate against the officers who had locked him up on assault charges.

So they went to a gun shop and bought $200 in ammunition to take home with them, Murderpedia reported.

Then Vodochodsky called 911 for help while his co-defendant set up to wait with his gun for responding units so that he could systematically kill the officers.

Deputies Monse and Stephenson were the first to arrive on the scene at the mobile home, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Both deputies were fatally shot as they tried to get out of their patrol car.

Then the suspect took both of the deputies’ weapons and went to wait in a ditch across the street for additional responding officers, the Officer Down Memorial Page reported.

When the deputies didn’t respond to calls from their dispatcher, a state trooper was dispatched to check on them, according to Murderpedia.

Trooper Miller was alive long enough to report that there were “officers down” when he arrived at the mobile home, but then he was fatally shot before he even took off his seat belt, the Officer Down Memorial Page reported.

Backup arrived and a gun battle between gunman and officers ensued.

The gunman shot and wounded two more law enforcement officers before he turned one of the stolen service weapons on himself, the Officer Down Memorial Page reported.

Vodochodsky was convicted of the three murders and sentenced to death in March of 2001.

But he appealed and got the conviction overturned, then pleaded guilty under an agreement that sentenced him to only 30 years in prison, according to the Officer Down Memorial page.

Vodochodsky was denied parole in 2015, WOAI reported.

The convict launched a column on a prisoner blog looking for a girlfriend and an online petition for a pardon.

“I am straight and single and am looking for a friendship with an option for something more–with someone whom I can learn, grow, and experience life with,” the convicted cop killer wrote on Uncaptive Voices.

“Unfortunately, I am incarcerated for a crime I did not commit, I have been incarcerated since October 15, 1999,” Vodochodsky wrote. “My next parole review date is set for March of 2020. My incarceration is no secret and has been highly publicized. I am very open, and am willing to provide any info regarding my case and myself. Or you can google my name.”

But the sheriff of the county where Vodochodsky helped his friend senselessly slaughter three heroes doesn’t plan to sit still and let the cop killer get released, KSAT reported.

“Just over 20 years ago we lost three brave heroes to the cowardly actions of two lousy criminals,” Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward posted to Facebook. “Kenneth Vodochodsky, after getting his death sentence on a Capital Murder conviction overturned, pled guilty to three 30-year sentences for his part in the premeditated ambush murders of Deputy Sheriffs Thomas Monse and Mark Stephenson and DPS Trooper Terry Miller.”

“The smirking coward below will come up for parole in March of this year,” Sheriff Soward continued. “I have initiated a campaign to give the friends and family of these three officers more justice and peace of mind and keep Vodochodsky in prison as long as possible.”

The sheriff said that any U.S. citizen may submit a letter to the Texas Parole Board to protest parole for Vodochodsky.

If you want to support Sheriff Soward’s campaign to keep a three-time cop killer in prison, send a letter to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Victim Services Division, P.O. Box 13401 Capital Station, Austin, Texas 78711-3401.

Sandy Malone - January Fri, 2020


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