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Man Takes Over Family’s New Home, Says Law Can’t Stop Him Because He’s Sovereign

Joel Fedd claimed that the half-million-dollar residence was his because he is an indigenous Moorish American.

Suwanee, GA – A squatter who moved into a $500,000 home before its new owners arrived claimed he had the right to do so because he is an indigenous Moorish American.

“Bro, who gonna come tell me I can’t take it? Who gonna take it from me?” Joel Fedd said in a video he made while on the property. “We are the law of the land. We are the landlords. We are Moors.”

Moors are an offshoot of the sovereign citizen movement who believe that black people have special rights because of a 1780s treaty with Morocco and that black people are indigenous to the Americas.

The gunman who ambushed and shot six Baton Rouge law enforcement officers in 2016 was involved with the Moorish sovereign movement.

Fedd, 33, explained that he went to look at the home to see if he, as an indigenous person, wanted to seize it as his own.

“This is illegal,” Fedd declared in the video, as he pointed at the for-sale sign in front of the home. “Once you see that, that means, hey – you want it? It’s yours.”

“I want it,” he added. “It’s mine.”

Fedd explained that he was putting the real estate company “on notice” that it was “committing fraud,” and that the Moors are the only people who can have “any rights or claims to the land.”

“I’m about to start the process on reclaiming the land,” he said in the video.

Establishing that the property is vacant is a key first step, Fedd explained.

“Of course, we’re just going to walk right in,” he said, as he opened a barred gate to the backyard area. “’Cause it is our land.”

Although the home itself was locked, Fedd excitedly pointed out a “point of entry” in a ground-floor window, at said it was “really why” he came over to the property in the first place.

“That guy right there can be removed very easily,” he said, pointing at a window air conditioner.

After walking around the half-million-dollar home, Fedd ultimately decided that the property was his, and referred to the residence as a “little starter” home.

“Yeah man, I’m goin’ ahead put my claims on it,” he declared. “Y’all can keep paying rent. Y’all can think this a game. Y’all can think we’re just cappin’, but real talk – we’re takin’ the land back.”

Fedd explained that once he changed the locks, the home would officially become his.

“They can do a rebuttal. They can even call the police. But guess what? They’re policy enforcers. They don’t have no standing in law,” he claimed. “On top of all that, this is a civil matter.”

Fedd posted the video to Facebook on Dec. 16.

He began moving into the property in the days that followed, neighbors told WSB.

Fedd allegedly became belligerent when area residents questioned him, they told the news outlet.

“He had pulled all the blinds down and put private property and no trespassing [signs up],” resident Jack Campbell explained. “I called the guy, and what was his response? “He was belligerent: ‘This is my house under this law and this law.'”

The new owners went to the home, but couldn’t get in because Fedd had already changed the locks.

“They had to change the locks,” Campbell told WSB. “He came back and changed the locks again and they had to change them again.”

Gwinnett County police, who described the incident as a “sovereign citizen” case, responded to the Settles Brook Court home and arrested Fedd for making false statements and criminal trespass.

The home’s new owners have regained control of the property, and are now moving in, neighbors said.

You can watch cell phone footage of Fedd at the residence in the video below:

Holly Matkin - December Mon, 2018


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