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Man Takes Out Robber Armed With AK-47, ‘I Am Not Going To Go Out Like A Punk’

Donovan Stewart described in great detail how he killed a man who stuck an AK-47 in his face on Monday morning.

Miami, FL – A man with a legally-owned handgun used his weapon to kill a man with an AK-47 who tried to rob him on Monday.

Donovan Stewart, 60, told police that he was asleep inside his van with his girlfriend and her 11-year-old son early on Nov. 25 when an armed man attempted to rob him of his jewelry, WFOR reported.

Stewart said he had to move quickly because he was afraid for their safety.

“The guy I killed last night, he put an AK-47 to my damn face,” he told WFOR. “I am from Kingstontown in Jamaica and I am not going to go out like a punk. So I emptied my Glock in his chest. This man tried to get in my van while I was sleeping and he was surprised to see what I did.”

Stewart demonstrated how the incident unfolded.

“Well, he opened the door like this and pointed his AK-47 and I reached around like this and got my gun. That is how I did this to him,” he said and gestured shooting the man.

Stewart told WFOR that he worked as a trained security officer.

“So I thought you are you going to kill me so now I have to act quickly because I am trained,” he said. “You know I have a security license, I have a G license and I have a state firearms license, and a concealed weapons permit. And I have a gun and I am a member of the NRA.”

Stewart wasn’t about to let a criminal with a gun threaten his loved ones.

“I am going to defend my life and those I love,” he explained. “My family is innocent and just don’t put an AK-47 in my face. I will not allow that to happen. This guy also hijacked a woman in a van and was found with her car key. He robbed another woman at gunpoint.”

“You want to come looking for trouble,” Stewart continued. “Come to me. Come to me. I wouldn’t do anything like this to anybody and they picked the wrong person in this case.”

Miami Police Officer Mike Vega told WFOR that the shooting was under investigation and that it appeared to be a case of self-defense.

“Everyone is cooperating, but we still need to receive more information,” Officer Vega said. “We need to put this all together and determine what happened. If anybody knows anything they should call Miami Police.”

As police were investigating at the crime scene, another citizen approached and said she had also been a victim of the dead gunman, WFOR reported.

Delilah Gaitor said the man whom Stewart shot was the same man who carjacked her at gunpoint at about 6 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Gaitor said the gunman stole $600 in cash, her iPhone, and her 2018 Volkswagen, WFOR reported.

“He had a gun and forced me to open my door,” she said. “He told me to open, so I gave him my cash right away. I feel very relieved now. This was a terrible thing to do to me. I was devastated and I was emotional.”

“This is crazy to rob this man. He has a family and to do something like that while he was living in a van is not right,” Gaitor added.

Her boyfriend, Evans Chery, attributed the gunman’s ultimate fate to karma, according to WFOR.

“Karma is something else. I mean this woman works hard for her money,” Chery said.

Officer Vega said Miami police were looking for other robbery victims of the same suspect, WFOR reported.

Sandy Malone - November Wed, 2019


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