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Man Fatally Shot By Cops While Charging Them With Knife, Police Later Find His Mother Dead In Garage

Glen Burnie, MD – Bodycam footage captured the moment when an Anne Arundel County police corporal fatally shot a knife-wielding attacker who was charging towards a fellow officer.

The Maryland Attorney General’s Office’s Independent Investigation Division (IID) released the bodycam footage of the harrowing encounter on Monday.

The incident began at approximately 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 28, when a woman called 911 and reported that one of her male family members chased her out of a home in the 1400-block of Braden Loop while armed with a knife, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said in a press release.

When Anne Arundel County police arrived at the scene, the woman told them 32-year-old Digno Yorro had threatened her with a knife, according to the video release.

She said there was “a lot of blood inside the home” and that Yorro’s mother was missing, investigators said.

Frosh said the officers knocked on the door of the townhouse multiple times and announced themselves, but received no response.

They ultimately forced the door open and found Yorro waiting on the other side, armed with a knife.

Bodycam footage showed officers standing out on the front stoop while ordering Yorro to show his hands and “drop the knife.”

“Put the knife down or I’ll shoot you with a bean bag!” one officer warned as Yorro walked towards them with the blade gripped in his hand.

The officer fired multiple bean bag rounds at the suspect, but they were ineffective.

Yorro moved behind the door out of the officers’ line of sight and tried to slam it shut, but an officer quickly pushed it back open as they continued to order him to drop his weapon, the video showed.

The offers entered the home and issued more commands for Yorro to put down the knife, but he refused.

One officer deployed his Taser, but the suspect was unfazed and began advancing towards him with the knife, the video showed.

That’s when Anne Arundel County Police Corporal J. Burger discharged his duty pistol, hitting Yorro multiple times, Frosh said in the press release.

The suspect collapsed to the floor and dropped the blade, enabling one officer to move it out of his reach, the video showed.

Police then moved in, handcuffed him, and began rendering first aid.

They also came upon a locked door located behind where Yorro had been standing.

When they forced it open, they found the suspect’s mother’s body lying on the floor of the garage.

“Police discovered a deceased woman in the garage who had suffered from trauma,” Frosh wrote. “She was identified as Yorro’s mother.”

Additional details regarding the woman’s death have not been released.

Yorro died from his wounds at the scene, according to Frosh.

His mother, identified as 64-year-old Valentina Yorro, had obtained a restraining order against her son back in January of 2020 due to his drug use, the Capital Gazette reported.

Valentina Yorro said at that time that her son was hallucinating and that he believed she and his girlfriend were conspiring to murder him, according to court documents.

She filed for emergency custody of Yorro’s eight-year-old granddaughter the same day, the Capital Gazette reported.

“My son is very confrontational to the point that I have fear for my safety due to his unstable behavior,” Valentina Yorro wrote in the 2020 petition. “He would get right at my face with a eerie blank look on his face, and gets to the point that nothing scares him, not even if I tell him I will call the cops.”

The judge denied the petition for emergency custody of the little girl, but granted Valentina Yorro a temporary protective order until another hearing could be set, the Capital Gazette reported.

Yorro asked for the protective order to be dropped in February of 2020, telling the court her son was suffering from trying to abruptly quit using drugs but that he had stayed away from her and his daughter since the order was first granted.

“It’s getting his mind all over the place, not thinking, like I said, right thoughts at the moment. And intentionally, I know he would never hurt nobody,” Valentina Yorro told the judge at the time, according to the Capital Gazette. “But what scares me is when he’s not, that he could do something, even to himself.”

The IID is handling the ongoing investigation into the fatal officer-involved shooting, WJZ reported.

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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