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Man Arrested Over Viral FB Post That He’d Kill Any Officers Who Talked to Him

Powder Springs police arrested Joshua James Bolieiro for making threats to murder police officers on social media.

Powder Springs, GA – Police have arrested a man who posted threats toward police officers on his Facebook page (video below).

“The next police officer that speaks to me will die. You cops better resign, because if you speak to me, I will consider that a threat, and I will defend myself, in the manner that you guys defend yourselves,” Joshua James Bolieiro wrote in a now deleted post on his Facebook page.

“I will shoot first, and I will have no guilt,” the post said.

“If you are a police officer in Georgia, I suggest you pray to your god Satan that you don’t accidentally speak to me. You will just have to roll the dice with every single traffic stop. I’m aiming to kill ANY police officer that dares speak to me, with absolutely zero questions for you. You speak, you die. Its that simple. Go ahead and test me. See how far you get,” he posted.

The threatening posts quickly went viral. After receiving much criticism, Bolieiro took those messages down, and replaced them with a video that explained he had posted those things to get attention, but that he really didn’t mean them.

“Clearly I’ve ruffled some feathers – that’s good,” Bolieiro said in the video posted on June 10. “I don’t plan on killing anybody, including cops or otherwise…” he began. And then he went on to say he’d written the messages to expose the “bad police” and help the “good police.”

“I’m not afraid. I’m not a coward. I’m not afraid to show my face. I’m not afraid to speak the truth… so before you want to throw hate my way, please understand my position,” Bolieiro said in the video.

“So I understand if you’re upset. But I wasn’t getting through making all these other Facebook posts… no one was trying to contact me. No one was trying to do anything by doing things the right way. So I decided to try to do things the wrong way, and it worked! I’m getting a lot of feedback from a lot of you,” he explained in the video.

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, where Bolieiro had lived until very recently, contacted the Powder Springs Police Department on Saturday to alert them to the threats, WAGA reported.

In response, Powder Springs police launched an investigation on Monday morning, and an arrest warrant for Bolieiro was issued by a Cobb County magistrate, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

But police never got an opportunity to go serve the warrant on him because Bolieiro came strolling in to the police department on his own a few hours later, according to WAGA. He was quickly arrested.

“The Powder Springs Police Department has placed Joshua James Bolieiro under arrest for Terroristic Threats in violation of Official Code of Georgia Annotated 16-11-37,” the department posted on its Facebook page, using the suspect’s preferred media to share the news. “Bolieiro was taken into custody shortly after 1:00 PM on June 11, 2018. Bolieiro came to the Powder Springs Police Department voluntarily. When Bolieiro arrived, officers took him into custody on an arrest warrant that was issued through the Cobb County magistrate court.”

“This was a collective effort between Powder Springs Police, Cobb Police, Cobb Sheriff’s Office and Cobb County DA’s Office. Powder Springs Police extends our gratitude to these agencies for their invaluable assistance,” concluded the post on the police department’s page.

Bolieiro told WAGA on Monday morning that he’d written the initial inflammatory posts to drive people to his Facebook page so he could share his police brutality concerns with a bigger audience.

“My original posts weren’t my true feelings. I really don’t want any police officers to die,” Bolieiro told WAGA.

Police transported Bolieiro to the Cobb County Jail. Neither his court date nor bond amount were yet available, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

You can see Bolieiro’s explanation video below:

SandyMalone - June Tue, 2018


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