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Man Arrested For Using ‘McLovin’ ID From Movie ‘Superbad’

Daniel Burleson was busted by police while he was carrying a fake Hawaii ID for "McLovin" from the movie "Superbad."

Iowa City, IA – An underage man was arrested for drinking in an Iowa City bar after he used a fake ID in the name of “McLovin,” a moniker made famous in the 2007 movie “Superbad.”

The incident occurred at about 12:31 a.m. on Oct. 11 when an Iowa City police officer approached 20-year-old Daniel Burleson in a bar and asked for his identification, the New York Post reported.

The police officer noticed that Burleson had a beverage in his hand and Burleson admitted the drink contained vodka, according to the criminal complaint.

However, he initially refused to produce his ID for the officer, according to the New York Post.

Eventually, Burleson produced his real driver’s license, which confirmed that he was underage.

Police asked Burleson if he had a fake ID with him and the young man denied it, the New York Post reported.

But when Burleson was flipping through his wallet, the police officer saw another ID.

It was a Hawaii driver’s license with the singular name “McLovin” on it, and it carried the same date of birth as the character Fogell’s fake ID in the movie “Superbad,” KCRG reported.

In the movie, Fogell gets a fake Hawaii ID bearing the name “McLovin” to use to buy liquor.

The birth date on the fake ID was 6/3/1981, which made the movie character 25 at the time, according to KCRG.

But in 2019, the person using that fake ID would be pretending to be 38 years old.

Burleson later admitted to police that he had purchased the fake ID from Amazon, according to KCRG.

He was arrested and taken to the Johnson County Jail, where he was booked on misdemeanor charges of public intoxication and possession of a fictitious license, ID card, or form, the New York Post reported.

Burleson was released on his own recognizance and has a court appearance scheduled for Oct. 21, KCRG reported.

Tom Gantert - October Fri, 2019


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