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Man Arrested For Gun Possession

South Carolina police arrested a man with a tattoo of a gun on his forehead on weapons charges on Tuesday.

Greenville, SC – Police said the suspect’s crime was written all over his face.

Greenville police officers arrested a man who had a tattoo of a gun on his forehead on weapons charges on Tuesday.

The incident occurred after Michael Vines was in a car wreck near downtown, at the intersection of Green Avenue and Guess Street, the Greenville Police Department explained in a Facebook post on their official page on Tuesday.

Greenville PD said that “alert City of Greenville firefighters” at the scene of the car crash saw Vines toss a gun into the grass.

The firefighters alerted the Greenville police on the scene, and officers recovered Vines’ fully-loaded, Smith & Wesson .38-caliber revolver from the location, the police department said in their Facebook post.

Police said that Vines, whose forehead sports a tattoo of a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine, is prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. The actual weapon that police recovered was placed in property and evidence, the Greenville PD said.

“The mug shot matches the crime,” the police department joked on Twitter, after Vines had been arrested.

People responded with their own opinions of the man’s body art, and did not appear to be impressed.

“What’s with the face paint? People tattooing their face is so beyond ridiculous, how will they ever get a Real job, idiots will be living off the government because no one will hire them…” Dena Lee tweeted.

“Isn’t that the plan?” Cruikshank Zander replied.

Officers took Vines into custody at the scene, and charged him with driving under a suspended license, driving too fast for conditions, and unlawful carrying of a firearm, according to the police department’s Facebook post.

AndrewBlake - June Sun, 2018


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