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Lucas Werner Hits On Barista, Has To Be Removed By Police, Now Claims Age Discrimination

Lucas Werner: Proudly Creepy As Hell. Spokane, WA – Lucas Werner learned the hard way that Starbucks doesn’t appreciate 37-year-old men who want to hook up with children who work in their coffee shops.


Lucas Werner, 37, was at a Spokane Starbucks when he began to flirt with the 16-year-old barista. Werner claims that the barista claimed that he was funny and that she liked him, so he wrote her a “nice note” asking her out to dinner. Werner later returned and Spokane Police Department officers were called to issue him a trespass notice because nobody wants a creepy 37-year-old man hitting on the 16-year-old employees.

Rather than quietly accept the fact that it’s the opinion of Starbucks (and Blue Lives Matter) that he’s creepy, Lucas Werner wasn’t going to go quietly. He began speaking to the media about the age discrimination. After all, if he were a 14-year-old boy, this never would have happened!

Werner spoke with KIRO 7, “I did not ask her to have (sexual relations) with me. I asked if she would like to have dinner sometime,” he wrote. “Perfectly normal adult behavior. I figure, if she was 16 and flirtatious, it would still be legal to ask her to dinner. You can’t even work at Starbucks unless you’re 16, which is the legal age to date people. This is a clear case of age discrimination.”

Lucas Werner lays it all out on his Facebook page.

That’s only the beginning. Perusal of Werner’s Facebook page only shows more and more creepy posts about a guy who appears obsessed with trying to hook up with young girls.

Werner is also a fan of posting creepy memes with pictures of food which somehow equates to dating:

He would also like you to know that this whole age discrimination thing is no joke, and equates it to racism:

Not-surprisingly, Werner’s media blitz has backfired on him. The internet is getting behind Starbucks on this one. The reviews for the Starbucks which banned Werner have skyrocketed on their Facebook page.

For those wondering, Werner’s actions technically didn’t violate any laws; there’s a difference between illegal and creepy. However, private businesses like Starbucks have the right to prohibit any creeps from coming onto their property.

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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