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Kansas City Coffee Company Owner Bashes Cops After Traffic Stop

A straightforward traffic stop turned into cop-bashing when Roasterie owner Danny O'Neill took to social media.

Fairway, KS – A local businessman took to social media to lob insults at law enforcement after an officer ticketed him.

Roasterie owner Danny O’Neill posted that he was stopped in his Tesla Model S luxury car which had tags that expired in December.

He says that he received a ticket for the violation and posted the picture online.

After the stop, O’Neill posted to Instagram calling the officer “Barney Fife,” after the comically inept police officer from the Andy Griffith show.

He then referred to the other Fairway police offices as “Barnie’s.”

Rather than take responsibility for going months without paying for his vehicle registration, he suggested that the police were just out there to make money.

In a post on Instagram, O’Neill said (emojis removed):

“Citizens of Fairway!!! Know that you are safe…even safer today after this violation. Officer Barney Fife dutifully chased us through traffic…it was a pretty, sunny day; we saw him weaving in and out of traffic, lights blazing, and were wondering what criminals they were after. Well, surprise of all surprises…Barney was chasing US! Lights and guns a-blazing…we had an expired tag! Who knew? But wowza was he prepared! $133! At several dinner parties over the years the Fairway police have come up…similar circumstances…Cat in tree, expired plates, license plate light out…and of course total laughter at the overreaction of the Barnie’s. We have a lot of friends in Fairway and just want to let each of you know, you are safer as a result of forcing this Brookside deadbeat in to get an updated tag. I was crazy…I should have been locked up and the key thrown away! Not sure he could have towed the Tesla but ka-ching…I’ll bet he would have figured it out$! “

After Blue Lives Matter contacted a Roasterie spokesperson about O’Neill’s post, he deleted the post from social media.

O’Neill now says that he has accepted responsibility for his violation and expressed his regret for making the post.

O’Neill said in a written statement to Blue Lives Matter, “I want to express my sincere apology for the post. The Fairway police officer was doing his job—my tags were expired and I deserved a violation. The post does not reflect my support and respect for police officers and the invaluable jobs they do in Kansas City and across the country to keep our communities safe. Many of my friends are members of the Kansas City Police Department and other area police departments. My business offers discounts to area police officers. The Kansas City Police Department will collaborate with my business on a motorcycle safety rodeo later this year. Last summer I made a solo 8,000-mile motorcycle ride to the Arctic Circle to raise more than $25,000 for a KC charity to purchase adaptive bikes for kids—my journey was safe, thanks in large part to police officer friends I consulted with prior to the trip and officers I met along the way.”

Do you think that O’Neill’s social media post was a mistake made in a moment of frustration? Or do you think it shows his real attitude towards police? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

OfficerBlue - March Sat, 2018


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