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It’s Time For Anti-Gun Crowd To Stop Pretending Gun Control Is Pro-Cop

Following the murder of Deputy Zackari Parrish, the anti-gun crowd has renewed their claims that gun control is pro-cop.

After a massive spike in police officer murders in 2016, the left-wing anti-gun media had what they thought was a brilliant idea: convince police unions that gun control was pro-police. Shocking absolutely nobody, their plan didn’t work.

On Sunday, after the murder of Deputy Zackari Parrish, the anti-gun crowd immediately responded by calling for more gun control.

This call resurrected the idea that an anti-gun stance is actually a pro-police stance. This, of course, it absurd.

It takes a special kind of arrogance for somebody who doesn’t even own a firearm to suggest that they know more about guns and gun crime than police officers who are confronted with it every day. Unfortunately, gun control groups are arrogantly ignorant by nature.

Tucker Carlson recently pointed this out on his show when he interviewed NY City Councilman Jumaane Williams about Gabby Gifford’s gun control group’s move to ban muzzleloaders.

“What’s so amazing to me is typically when you have a lobby in Washington on a subject – lobbying for agriculture, for example, they know a lot about farming. It’s only the anti-gun lobby, the gun control people who literally know nothing about the product they’re trying to ban.”

This is constantly highlighted by the ignorant statements constantly made by gun control advocates.

The reason that the anti-gunners are happy to remain ignorant about firearms is probably because if they bothered to learn about guns, then they’d discover that their positions are misguided, and law enforcement officers overwhelmingly disagree with them.

A 2016 survey of chiefs of police and sheriffs in the United States, conducted by the National Association of Chiefs of Police shows that the large majority of law enforcement leaders believe that armed citizens reduce criminal activity.

The survey showed that 87% of chiefs and sheriffs believed that any vetted citizen should be able to purchase a firearm, 86.4% support nationwide recognition of state concealed carry permits, and 76% believe that qualified law-abiding armed citizens help law enforcement reduce violent crime.

These police leaders are highly-educated, often with masters and doctorate degrees. Reducing violent crime is a big part of their job, and if gun control really worked, they should all be in support of it. However, both personal experience and statistics do not support gun control.

In areas of high gun ownership, police interact with people legally carrying firearms daily, and these encounters rarely end in shootings.

These experiences are backed by statistics. Economist John Lott wrote in his book, The War on Guns, each one-percentage-point increase in gun ownership is associated with a 3.6 percent decrease in the number of police killed.

Firearms are also imperative for citizens to be able to protect themselves. In large cities, with a fast police response time, life-threatening encounters are likely to be over by the time police arrive. Unfortunately, most of the country is rural with response times exceeding 15 minutes.

Blue Lives Matter is proud to support citizens’ rights to protect their lives with firearms, and we actively encourage responsible citizens to carry concealed weapons in addition to having a gun ready at home. Perhaps the anti-gun crowd is happy to take the chance that they will never be the victim of violent crime, but for the rest of us, we have our guns.

SnarkyCop - January Mon, 2018


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