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Health Foundation Sponsors Black Lives Matter’s Re-Branding Of MLK Jr.

A large private California health foundation has signed on to sponsor a Black Lives Matter march.

​Sacramento, CA – California’s largest private health foundation has teamed up with Black Lives Matter and other anti-police groups to sponsor the third annual Reclaim MLK March.

The California Endowment, which boasts over $3 billion in assets, is named among the list of co-sponsors on the event’s Facebook page.

According to The Daily Wire, the event was organized by Black Lives Matter -Sacramento as an effort to “eliminate racism & white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, heteronormativity, homelessness, poverty, [and] fascism,” and is scheduled to take place on Jan. 15 to co-opt Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In true Black Lives Matter fashion, the march is specifically anti-police.

“We don’t march with @SacPolice. We don’t let @sacsheriff murder our brother and torture our community with Jr.s name in their mouth,” the group wrote in their Twitter advertisement of the march on Friday.

Alternatively, law enforcement agencies, several businesses and a variety of media outlets have planned an event of their own, The Daily Wire reported.

March for the Dream, which is sponsored by the non-profit group MLK365, extended invites to “others from different races, religions or backgrounds” to “build authentic bonds of human understanding and value,” according to the event website.

The Reclaim MLK March is not the first time The California Endowment foundation has united with Black Lives Matter.

On Dec. 21, 2017, the private health foundation donated a full-page Sacramento News Review ad to the anti-police group, which featured crudely drawn sketches of two men whom the group claimed were killed by Sacramento law enforcement officers, The Daily Wire reported.

Mikel McIntyre was shot while bashing an officer in the head with a river rock. Ryan Ellis died after he kicked out the window of a moving patrol car and jumped out of the window, fatally injuring himself.

“[The] Endowment had the ad space and used it for us,” Tanya Faison, the lead organizer of the Reclaim MLK March, told The Daily Wire.

Faison has regularly – although not-so-eloquently – shared her anti-police viewpoints on her social media accounts, and has made her intentions well-known.

“If you believe the police are necessary, please delete me. If you believe that the issues within our community are not born out of white supremacy and Black oppression, then please delete the fuck out of my abolitionist ass. If you believe that getting a job, and working hard will lift you out of your white supremist oppression…then get the fuck rid of me! I believe in COMMUNITY ALTERNATIVES TO POLICING. I believe in ABOLITION OF THE POLICE AND THE MFN SYSTEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY if thats too “radical” for you then BOOT my BITCH ASS, family. peace sign,” she wrote in a Dec. 22, 2017 Facebook post, just one day after The California Endowment-funded ad ran.

The Reclaim MLK March will begin at Safeway and will end at the State Capitol, The Daily Wire reported.

The March for the Dream event will begin at the Sacramento City College, and will end at the Sacramento Convention Center, according to the March for the Dream Website.

HollyMatkin - January Mon, 2018


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