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Gunman Shoots Tucson Officer, Gets Out Of Jail For Just $750

Roy King shot at two Tucson police officers and the judge let him walk free for just $750.

Tucson, AZ – A man who opened fire on two Tucson police officers on Friday night has already been released back onto the street, after having posted just a $750 bond.

According to the Tucson Police Officer’s Association, the Pima County Attorney’s Office asked Judge Michael Pollard to hold the gunman, 51-year-old Roy King, on $100,000 bond at the time of his initial appearance.

Pollard opted to set King’s bail at just $7,500, which required the attempted cop-killer to fork over only $750 in order to walk out of the jail.

“The Tucson Police Officers Association is extremely disappointed with the bail assigned to King,” the group said in a media release. “This shockingly low amount of money allowed King to walk out of jail before either officer was allowed to return to work.”

The incident began at approximately 9:45 p.m. on May 18, when officers were called for a report of a domestic disturbance at a local bar, Tucson Police Sergeant Pete Dugan said in a statement, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

King’s stepson told 911 that King had threatened him and his friend with a gun during an argument, KMSB reported.

No one was injured during the dispute, and King left the bar.

Tucson Police Officers Nathan Stout and Steven Clark responded to King’s residence to speak with him about the allegations, but arrived to find the man armed with a handgun, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

King yelled at the officers from his backyard, and then began shooting at them, police said.

One of the bullets fired by King struck an officer in his duty belt, which stopped the round from tearing into the officer’s abdomen.

The gunman retreated into his home, as the officers returned fire.

King called 911 from inside his residence, and additional Tucson officers came to the scene and convinced him to surrender, WCPO reported.

He was taken to the Pima County Jail, where he was charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, KMSB reported.

Officer Stout and Officer Clark, both of whom have been with the department for approximately 18 months, were not injured.

“King shot a firearm at two uniformed police officers, who were doing their jobs by investigating a violent crime,” the Tucson Police Officer’s Association noted. “If not for some luck, and a very fortunately placed nylon duty belt, one of Tucson’s Finest may not have made it home that night.”

“To allow the suspect of this incident to walk free while the officers are still trying to cope with the severity of the incident is a complete travesty of justice,” the association concluded.

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus expressed outrage upon learning that the man who opened fire on two of his officers was afforded such an insignificant bond.

“A bail amount of $7,500… is outrageous for this type and number of violent assaults,” Chief Magnus told KGUN. “An officer was almost killed!”

“The judge is a great man,” the chief continued. “But this was a very poor decision.”

King’s next court appearance was scheduled for May 29, according to KMSB.

HollyMatkin - May Fri, 2018


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