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Gun Owner Shoots Attacker While Holding Infant

Travis Hutchinson used his legally-obtained weapon to protect himself and a 4-month-old infant on Wednesday night.

Redding, CA – A concealed carry license holder fatally shot a man who attacked him while he was holding a 4-month-old baby on Wednesday night, police said.

The Redding Police Department received a report of shots fired at a residence in south Redding at approximately 6 p.m., WOAI reported.

Investigators learned that Travis Hutchinson, 31, was at the residence helping his girlfriend’s cousin study for an upcoming math test, when Burl Hall, 32, began fighting with several other people inside the home, according to KNVN.

After the homeowner threatened to call police, Hall and at least one other man took the fight outside.

Hutchinson, who was carrying a 4-month-old infant, then stepped out onto the concrete porch and attempted to convince the men to end the altercation.

Hall became even more enraged, and turned his attention towards Hutchinson.

He charged Hutchinson – who was still holding the baby – and began punching him in the head and face, nearly knocking him unconscious.

The child slipped out of Hutchinson’s hands during the attack, but he was able to catch the infant before it hit the cement.

Hall continued to beat Hutchinson after he regained his hold on the baby, so Hutchinson drew his concealed firearm, and fired one round at his attacker’s chest, WOAI reported.

Hutchinson immediately told witnesses to call 911 for help, and remained at the residence to speak with the officers.

Hall, a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal history, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hutchinson received minor injuries during the attack, but the infant was not physically harmed, KNVN reported.

Police said the information Hutchinson provided them was consistent with the statements provided by witnesses, and that he was allowed to leave the scene.

Investigators will submit their investigation to the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office for review, WOAI reported.

Holly Matkin - August Fri, 2018


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