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Gangs Declare War On Police, Threaten To Ambush And Kill Danville Police Officers

After three Danville police officers were recently shot at by suspects in separate incidents, the police department has learned about gang members waging war on the police.


Gangs Target Danville Police Officers In Attacks

According to WFMYNews2, threats have been received against individual Police Officers as well as the department. In the past several months, two Danville Police vehicles have been struck by gunfire.  Another vehicle was shot at but was not hit.  These incidents happened while the Officers were on routine patrol and were made by suspects who were in hiding, and never captured.

Gang members have also been openly wearing shirts that say ‘DPDK’ on them, which means Danville Police Department Killers. The phrase ‘aint for nun’ is also on the shirts and police said that the phrase is a “term for someone not afraid to stand up to anyone regardless of status or size.”

Danville Police Captain Haley said that the officers are not afraid to do their jobs.  He also said that “…they’re enthusiastic to serve these warrants and catch the guys.”  Captain Haley said that they want to avoid officer-involved shootings but that the gang members have made their intent plain:  “They want to target and kill cops.”

He also said that the gang is using ambush-style techniques.  He said  “We’re not just going to stand there and be at target. And unfortunately we’re not the one who makes the call whether or not the bad guy pulls a gun and start shooting.”  Captain Haley said that more SWAT Officers will be riding with the patrol Officers for now.

Police have also said that this is an ongoing attempt to consolidate control over local gangs and to organize them along the lines of nationally known street gangs.  Younger gang members are encouraged to commit various crimes for initiation purposes as well as notoriety and street credibility.  Police also believe that these younger members are being recruited through social media, and that a disproportionate percentage of recent violent incidents have gang-related associations.

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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