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Ford Dealer’s ‘God, Guns & America’ Promo Sees Overwhelming Success

The owner of Carolina Ford in South Carolina is giving away guns, bibles, and flags with every car or truck purchase.

Honea Path, SC – A Ford dealership is giving away guns, American flags and Bibles as part of a sales promotion to help move inventory during the slowest sales months.

“It’s crazy,” Derrick Hughes, owner of Carolina Ford, told the Detroit Free Press. “We’ve had multiple people take advantage of the promotion. You don’t need to buy a $50,000 truck. It’s for anything on our lot, used or new. We’ve sold Ecosport, Escape, new F-150s, used F-250s, a couple Dodge trucks.”

The idea for the promotion originated in a brainstorming session by the dealership’s employees.

Hughes explained that they were trying to come up with sales tactics that would generate more traffic through the car dealership in October and November.

Those two months are usually the slowest of the year, according to the Detroit Free Press.

So they created the “God, Guns and America!” advertising campaign and launched the promotion on Oct. 1.

The way it works, customers are handed the Bible and a flag as soon as they have made their vehicle purchase, the Detroit Free Press reported.

They’re also given a voucher to purchase a Smith & Wesson rifle but must first pass the background check before they can lay hands on the gun, according to WYFF.

Hughes denied any assertions that the sales promotion was politically motivated.

He said he’s a hunter and the rifles he’s giving away were great for shooting the destructive wild hogs that have infested the region, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“We are not taking a political stance in any way, shape or form,” Hughes told WYFF. “We are all country folk, God-fearing people. We are very patriotic people, believe in our country and salute our military.”

He said the sale promotion is doing very well so far.

“We are not forcing anyone to take the gun,” Hughes told WYFF. “They can use the voucher for sporting equipment, fishing or archery equipment. They can also choose a different gun.”

A spokesman at Ford’s headquarters spokesman, Said Deep, said Ford dealers are independent businesses and the local promotion was not directed by corporate, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Hughes said he’s planning to switch up the promotion to a family-friendly video game theme in December.

Tom Gantert - October Fri, 2019


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