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Enraged Residents Of State Facility Launch A ‘Purge’ After Field Trip Is Denied

Four enraged residents of a residential state facility assaulted staff members and trashed property on Monday.

Lubbock, TX – Four supported-living center residents were arrested on Monday, after they became irate over not being allowed to go to a local fair and decided to initiate a “purge” inside the facility.

According to police, Lubbock State Supported Living Center residents Daniel Bundy, 20, Alice Barron, 30, Jacob Woods, 19, and Dalton Routon, 20, were enraged when they learned they would not be going to the Panhandle South Plains Fair, KCBD reported.

In retaliation, the group decided to hold a “purge” at the facility, and began attacking employees and other residents.

“The Purge” is a four-film American horror movie franchise that has also evolved into a television series.

The films and episodes are set in a futuristic America overwhelmed by violence and crime, which the government tries to combat by turning a blind eye to illegal activities – including murder – for a 12-hour period once each year.

Two of the living center residents initiated the “purge” in the facility’s parking lot, where they damaged vehicles before they joined up with their other two cohorts inside one of the buildings.

The group smashed windows, broke furniture and other items, and pulled the fire alarm.

The suspects armed themselves with a chair, a 2×4, and a section of metal window trim, and began assaulting the staff members who tried to subdue them.

They were eventually taken into custody, and have been charged with organized crime, felony criminal mischief, and aggravated assault.

Woods received an additional charge of false alarm or report.

The Lubbock State Supported Living Center is a 185-person residential facility that sits on 226 acres, according to the Texas Health and Human Services website.

The center caters to those “with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are medically fragile or who have behavior problems,” the website read.

Holly Matkin - September Wed, 2018


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