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Edmond Special Needs Student Beaten In High School Bathroom While Others Record The Assault

Edmond Special Needs Student Beaten In High School Bathroom While Others Record The Assault

Edmond, OK – A special needs student at Edmond Memorial High School was punched repeatedly on October 4.

The incident started in the cafeteria outside a bathroom, according to Fox2Now.

Police said that the student, who was not identified, said that he was “just talking to my friends and one of my friends said, ‘Do you want to fight?’ I said, ‘No,’ but his friends took me into the restroom.”

The assault was captured on cellphone video, but only showed what happened in the bathroom.

Jennifer Wagnon from the Edmond Police Department said that the video “…shows the victim being punched repeatedly in the chest and the back and actually turning kind of in protection away from the student that’s punching him.”

In the video, the student who assaulted the special needs student can be heard saying, “swing on me.”

Wagnon said, “That student that was punching him is egging him on to punch him back. That obviously never happens.”

An unknown person or persons posted the video to social media, and it was quickly shared.  Other students who saw the shared video went to school administration to report the beating.

Within 24 hours of the incident being reported, Edmond police officers arrested a suspect, an unidentified student on assault and battery charges.

The police report said that the victim has a “neurological disorder”, and has “a device to relieve pressure caused by brain fluid”.

An unnamed Edmond police officer who responded to the school on the assault call wrote in his assault and battery report that “it appeared the victim completely shut down for a few seconds by putting his head up against the wall in order to protect himself from the assault.”

In a statement, Edmond Public Schools officials said:

“A safe and secure learning environment is of the utmost priority for Edmond Schools. With a student population of 24,870 and almost 3,000 employees, it is important that all staff and students understand what to do in any crisis, whether it be natural or man-made. We appreciate the students who, after viewing the video, made the bold decision to come forward and report the incident to school administration and the SRO on behalf of a fellow classmate.”

OfficerBlue - October Thu, 2017


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