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David Hogg Declares That Police Are The Real Threat To Students

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg declares that police are a threat.

Parkland, FL – Stoneman Douglas student turned anti-gun activist, David Hogg, went beyond gun control to criticize “white people” for not recognizing that law enforcement officers are a threat to students.

The message, sent out via tweet, said, “White people genuinely think that police make kids safer when in reality at most schools the police ARE the threat. This is why we continue to say. #BlackLivesMatter “

Hogg’s father is a retired FBI agent and Hogg has claimed “almost all my family are law enforcement.”

After Hogg made the tweets, he went on a retweet crusade against white stoners who smoke weed to celebrate 4/20 without caring about the drug war’s effects non-white people.

Andrew Pollack, father of murdered Stoneman Douglas student Meadow Pollack, responded.

Hogg’s dive into anti-cop ranting appears to be prompted by a video showing a couple of Broward County Deputies arresting two teens while surrounded by a mob of students.

During one of the arrests, one deputy could be seen trying to hold one teen suspect’s head on the ground while the teen fought to lift it up. The back and forth was described by critics as the deputy “slamming” the teen’s head into the ground. The deputy also punched the teen once before he stopped resisting.

The suspect did not suffer any serious injuries.

Retired University of Florida Criminal Justice Professor Fred Shenkman told Sun Sentinel that it’s hard to argue excessive force if the teen wasn’t seriously injured.

“This was a fight. It wasn’t a Cub Scout meeting,” he said. “Nothing jumps out to me that’s really egregious or illegal or indefensible unless there are other elements I’m not aware of.”

Broward County Mayor Mark Bogen has condemned the deputies as “hotheads” and called for the termination of at least one of the deputies.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony said that his agency is investigating the use of force.

Christopher Berg - April Sat, 2019


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