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Dallas Cowboy’s Daniel Ross Busted On Gun And Drug Charges

Dallas Cowboy Daniel Ross was arrested on charges of marijuana and unlawful gun possession on Wednesday.

Frisco, TX – Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Daniel Ross was arrested Wednesday on drug and gun charges (video below).

Frisco police officers initially stopped the National Football League (NFL) player for a traffic infraction, Dallas Morning News reported.

Dashcam video of the incident showed that the officer told Ross that he stopped him because he could hear music more than 30 feet away from his car and because he was “coasting,” or driving with the car in neutral.

The officer asked Ross to step out of the vehicle and then told him that his car smelled of marijuana.

Dashcam video showed that the Ross told the officer that the smell was probably from the night before, but that there were no drugs in the car.

However, the video showed that when the officer began searching the charcoal Dodge Charger a minute later, he found marijuana in the center console and a handgun under the seat.

That’s when the officer detained Ross and placed him in handcuffs.

The video showed that Ross was cooperative and followed officers’ commands.

He also did a fair amount of complaining.

“I shouldn’t even f–king be in this car!” the NFL player told the officer.

The officer explained to Ross that he was in trouble because he had both drugs and firearms in the car.

Ross explained that some friends had brought the marijuana with them when they went to the gun range the day before, the video showed.

“So they go to the gun range with weed? You’re kidding me right? So they smoke weed and go shoot guns. You gotta know that’s not smart, right?” the officer asked Ross, incredulous.

Then Ross doubled back and tried to claim they smoked after they went shooting, but the officer wasn’t buying it.

“I’m assuming if you play for the Cowboys, you’ve got a lot to lose,” the officer lectured him. “I mean, you’ve got to think about those things!”

Ross was charged with possession of marijuana and unlawfully carrying a weapon, the Dallas Morning News reported.

DallasCowboys.com reported that the team was aware of the situation and were gathering information on it.

However, the Dallas Cowboys declined to comment on the incident, according to ESPN.

Ross, who is earning $645,000 this year with the Cowboys, is currently on injured reserve with a shoulder injury and hasn’t played a game yet this season.

He played in 13 games for the Cowboys last year and had one sack, ESPN reported.

In his three seasons in the NFL, he’s earned $1.46 million.

Ross isn’t the only Cowboy to have a run in with police this year.

In May, Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott was detained by police after he scuffled with a security guard at a Las Vegas musical festival, according to NFL.com.

And a lawsuit was filed in July that claimed that the Cowboys and the Frisco Police Department had covered up a January 2017 car crash to protect Elliott.

The suit was filed by Dallas resident Ronnie Hill and is seeking $20 million in damages, according to Sports Illustrated.

The complaint alleged that “…the Dallas Cowboys conspired with the Frisco Police Department to cover up the severity of the accident to assure that Elliott’s health would not be placed in question before their playoff game,” according to WFAA.

Watch video of the Dallas Cowboy’s arrest here below:

Tom Gantert - November Sat, 2019


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