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Cops Say Man Planned To Eat Child Sex Slave, Judge Sentences Him To Probation

Justin Bensing, who was looking for a teenage sex slave, was sentenced to only five years of probation.

Greenville County, SC – A Myrtle Beach man, who was busted by undercover officers in February on his way to pick up a 14-year-old girl he planned to turn into a sex slave, walked away from court with only probation.

Justin Bensing, 36, said in online communications with the undercover officers that he wanted to “cannibalize” a child, Myrtle Beach Online reported.

Arrest warrants said Bensing, who used the alias “Rebel Deese” when he solicited the undercover officer whom he believed to be a minor child, asked if she was "ready to be a full time baby maker and sex slave," WHNS reported.

Bensing, of Myrtle Beach, also expressed interest in the sexual fetish coprophilia and a desire for the victim to drink her own urine, according to the warrants for his arrest.

He was arrested on Feb. 12 in a pedophile roundup of 40 alleged child predators and sex traffickers conducted by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, and released on a $10,000 cash bond, the Greenville News reported.

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis said Bensing told the undercover officer posing as a teenage girl that he wanted to "cannibalize" a sex trafficking victim.

"Depravity doesn’t even describe this," Sheriff Lewis said at the press conference announcing the charges. Bensing was indicted by a grand jury in April, the Greenville News reported.

Police seized the alleged child predator’s phone as part of the investigation, and discovered he had an unrelated conversation about cannibalism with someone in a chat room six months earlier.

His attorney, James Brehm, told the Greenville News that his client was joking.

"That didn’t have anything to do with this. It was just like you and I talking trash and texting and six months later, someone gets a hold of your phone and tie it to what he’s charged with," Brehm said.

Brehm accused Sheriff Lewis of grandstanding and said Bensing has received death threats and can’t leave his house since his arrest.

On Aug. 9, Bensing was sentenced to 10 years in prison that the judge suspended to five years of probation, according to the Greenville News. That means if he violates his probation, he will be sent to prison for the 10-year sentence, but otherwise, he walks.

Bensing has been diagnosed as autistic and was considered low risk, the Greenville News reported.

Judge Letitia H. Verdin cited his mental limitations, along with the fact that he had no prior arrests and never actually left the Myrtle Beach area to go meet with the girl, as factors that contributed to the light sentence he received, according to the Greenville News.

Sandy Malone - August Wed, 2018


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