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Cops Called To Shut Down Children’s Lemonade Stand, They Respond By Buying A Cup

Someone called the police to shutdown the children's lemonade stand and the police showed up and bought a cup

Newburgh, NY – Two police officers that were called Aug. 26 to shut down a lemonade stand run by children, but they instead bought drinks from them and were praised after the act was posted on Facebook.

“So the kids where I live decided to have a Lemonade stand during rush hour,” Whitney Glover posted on Facebook. “Smart idea. However some bitter person decided to call the cops on them. Instead of the officers shutting it down they decided to have a cup themselves. Thanks Town of Newburgh Police Department.”

Shanice Sgorbissa told Yahoo that her six-year-old daughter Elajah asked her if she could put up a lemonade stand along with her friends.

“Elajah got together a group of friends while I brought out a table that I had been planning to throw away and bought some mixes from Dollar Tree. It turned out way better than we thought,” Sgorbissa said according to Yahoo.“They each had jobs. Two boys stood holding up a sign, two girls were assigned to pouring lemonade, and another girl went up to the cars.”

However, one person wasn’t happy with the lemonade stand allegedly causing traffic issues and called the Newburgh Police Department.

The police arrived.

“When they first got there I was nervous. I didn’t want them to shut the kids lemonade stand,” said Sgorbissa, 25, according to Yahoo.

Police Officer Thomas O’Connell Jr. and Officer Clayton Dubois responded to the call.

Glover had her daughter Charley helping with the lemonade stand, which made $520 within a few days.

“The officer comes out and says, ‘Would you believe that someone called me about kids in the middle of the street selling lemonade? I’m not going to shut you down, I’m actually going to buy a cup,” Glover, 29, told Yahoo. “They were interacting with the kids and making them feel happy. They told them they were doing a good job and to keep it up.”

The Newburgh Police Department responded with a comment of its own on Facebook.

“We’re very proud when our officers have a positive impact on the community, especially the children!!” the police posted.

Tom Gantert - September Wed, 2019


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