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COPA Says Chicago Cop’s FB Posts Render Him Unable To Conduct Duties

A Chicago PD officer's social media posts and bumper sticker ledd to a 95-page report from COPA.

Chicago, Illinois – A 25-year Chicago Police Department officer is under investigation and could lose his job over a series of Facebook posts and a bumper sticker.

Officer Brian J. Hansen allegedly posted on Facebook a cartoon of a boy urinating on the word “Allah” and warned Black Lives Matter activists to stay away from his family, according to the New York Post.

He also had a bumper sticker on his SUV that he parked outside a police station that depicted a truck running over protesters. The bumper sticker said, “All lives splatter. Nobody cares about your protest.”

Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability released a 95-page report on Officer Hansen that was very critical of his actions.

The agency stated Hansen is unable to conduct “fair and impartial” law enforcement duties due to the “distasteful, abusive, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and discriminatory” posts on social media, the newspaper reported.

Not only that, but he continued his controversial posts after being notified that he was under investigation, leading to a total of 62 allegations of misconduct, mostly through offensive social media posts.

“There can be no doubt, based on PO Hansen’s Facebook activity and vehicle decals, that PO Hansen cannot live out this mission,” according to the report. The report also stated that courts have routinely ruled that police officers can be fired for bigoted speech without violating the First Amendment.

The New York Post reported that the Civilian Office of Police Accountability stated that Hansen made his comments when he was off-duty and asserted they were protected speech under the First Amendment.

Hansen was assigned to paid desk duty in August. The police department said it could take months to determine if he will be fired.

The report looked at Facebook comments from June 2015 to August 2017. In one post, Hansen referred to black children as “wild African kids” and commented on a video of Middle Eastern men falling off a truck and stated he hoped they were “paralyzed.”

The report stated that Hansen posted “countless horrific images and posts espousing the belief that all Muslims should die.”

Hanson attempted to clarify that he used the word “Muslim” to mean “radical Islam.” COPA didn’t find this claim credible.

Hansen and his attorney did not return requests for comment to the Chicago Tribune.

AndrewBlake - November Wed, 2017


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