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Convicted Murderer Beats His Female Attorney In Open Court – Sues Police Officers Who Respond

Randy Washington is suing for $1 million after he claims police hurt him after he hit his female attorney.

Trenton, NJ – A now-convicted murderer who punched his former attorney in the face during his trial has filed a federal lawsuit against the Mercer County Police Department.

In the lawsuit, Randy Washington, age 36, accused Mercer County police officers of using excessive force to subdue him after the assault, according to NewJersey.com, and of failing to provide medical treatment for him.

The assault on Washington’s attorney, who is female, occurred in the June trial for the 2014 murder of Silas Johnson.  Closing arguments had ended, and the jury had been dismissed for deliberations, when Washington hit Jessica Lyons.

Washington is seeking $1 million in compensation from the lawsuit, which was filed three days before he was sentenced to 70 years for Johnson’s murder.

He is waiting trial for the 2014 murder of George Jamison, which occurred before a four-month-long crime spree involving four armed robberies, which ended after his arrest for Jamison’s murder.

Washington admitted to assaulting Lyons, but denied any further aggressive action.  He said, “I hit my attorney, but when I hit her, I did not advance toward her, I just waited for the sheriff to come handcuff me.”

He claimed that officers tackled him onto a table, and later slammed him to the ground.  He was injured in the fight, and claims treatment was delayed for a broken hand, which he said occurred when an officer’s knee came down on his wrist, and the injury was definitely not from breaking it on a woman’s face.

Washington said in his lawsuit that the injury was discovered by an x-ray done one week after the incident.  He said that a second x-ray was done on July 25, and that he had surgery on August 7.

He claimed that his hand had already healed by the time of his surgery, and that he received no medical treatment from July 6 – 25.

No proof of Washington’s allegations has been offered.

OfficerBlue - October Thu, 2017


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