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Columbine Valley Officer Gets Disrespectful Surprise In His McDonald’s Bag, Company Ignores PD

An incident where McDonald’s employees disrespected a Columbine Valley Police Department officer is being ignored by the management. Columbine Valley Police Disrespected By McDonald’s


Columine Valley, CO – A Columbine Valley Police Officer thought that it would be safe to order food at a McDonald’s drive-thru while in his patrol car, but he’s now regretting that decision.

On Friday, Columbine Valley Sergeant J. Milliman took to the department’s Facebook page to post about the incident which occurred three months ago. The department has apparently spent the past three months trying to resolve the situation with McDonald’s with no success.

This incident appears to have involved multiple employees and the company is just ignoring the police department.

You can see the Sergeant’s post below:

I wanted to pass on a story that happened to one of my officers.

On 12/17/2016 at about 3 am, one of my officers was finally able to stop for his lunch break while training a new officer. As you can imagine, meal choices are limited at this time and Officer Vincent decided to use the drive-thru at McDonalds located at 8286 S Wadsworth Blvd. in Littleton, Colorado.

Officer Vincent ordered an egg mcmuffin with sausage and cheese, hash browns and a drink.

Being the only car in line at 3 am, Officer Vincent thought this order took an abnormally long time to make. After receiving his order from a smirking employee, he ate as quickly as he could so that he was ready/available for the next call.

After finishing his meal, Officer Vincent was shocked to find several pieces of loose bacon in the bottom of the bag. Now my officer, a father of four, has to wonder what he just ate?! Does he need to go to the hospital? Was this a bad joke? Simply an error in judgement?

No officer should have to worry about these questions at 3 am while working the graveyard shift!

I was able to contact the local sheriff’s office and report the incident. When the persons responsible for the meal were interviewed by the county deputy, they said that they didn’t remember serving a police officer and that it may have been a coincidence that there was bacon in the bottom of a police officer’s bag.

Out of concern for Officer Vincent’s health I contacted McDonald’s on four separate occasions to try and see the video surveillance from the kitchen. I wanted to see if Officer Vincent’s food had been tampered with and see if his health was in danger.

After twice meeting with the manager directly, I was told that he, THE MANAGER, didn’t know how to access his security footage. I was then told, twice, that he would check the footage and get back to me…he never did.

An officer’s job is difficult enough without having to worry about what is being done to his food. The fact that Officer Vincent has to worry about possible health issues for himself, or his family, is disgusting. The fact that the manager showed no concern for his employee’s actions or care for the officer’s welfare is appalling.

I, for one, will never patronize this McDonalds again.

Unwanted surprise in Columbine Valley officer’s McDonald’s bag.

When restaurant employees disrespect police officers, it’s unheard of for the company to straight-up ignore the police department. Officers should be able to feel safe ordering food from restaurants without fearing anti-police employees tampering with their food.

Perhaps the manager isn’t taking this seriously. Much like when Cheesecake Factory refused to allow uniformed officers to enter their restaurant, there’s a point where it’s obvious that the manager is either intentionally disrespectful, or just incompetent. This appears to be the case here.

Do you think that this incident needs to be taken seriously by McDonald’s? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know below.

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