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College Student Facing Hearing Over ISIS/Antifa Hunting Permit E-mail

A Michigan college wants to penalize a student who joked about Antifa and ISIS hunting permits.

Albion, MI – A Michigan college student has been charged with a violation of his school’s policy after he sent an email to members of a conservative college group recommending the purchase of Antifa and ISIS hunting permits.

Albion College student Alexander Tokie was charged with violating the college’s policy regarding “[u]se of, or threatened use of, physical force or violence,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

Tokie sent the offending email to other members of the Albion College Republican Club in September, and it was eventually shared around the college community.

The email contained several suggestions of talking points countering arguments about “white privilege.”

“Take the liberal tears from the idiot you just destroyed in your debate, dissemble your American made Springfield M1911 .45 caliber handgun and apply the tears in order to clean the mechanism, reassemble and proceed to purchase ANTIFA and ISIS hunting permits and max out on tags,” Tokie wrote.

On Sept. 25, upset students protested Tokie’s email outside the cafeteria hall, carrying large signs and chanting, according to WXMI. College President Mauri Ditzler was present at the protest.

Albion College’s Vice President for Student Affairs Sally Walker and Vice President of Finance and Administration Jerry White notified Tokie of his policy violation charge on Nov. 8, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

Tokie responded by pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of the charge given the college so-called commitment to free speech.

“It’s vitally important that Albion drop the charges because the college makes promises in the handbook committing itself to facilitating an atmosphere of free speech,” Tokie said in a press release.

“There is absolutely no way for a college to create a new wave of politically intelligent leaders when they’ve been sheltered from each and every single opinion that is different from theirs simply because of an illiberal college policy,” he said.

FIRE sent a letter to the college president on Nov. 16. The college did not respond.

“If the hyperbolic nature of Tokie’s email is not immediately apparent to Albion’s administration, FIRE suggests that the college conduct further research on whether hunting permits can be purchased for ISIS or ANTIFA in the state of Michigan. Hyperbolic statements are a core component of political speech in the United States, and courts have long recognized that they cannot be treated as true threats,” FIRE senior program officer Sarah McLaughlin wrote.

Albion College had scheduled Tokie’s first hearing for Nov. 17, but postponed it after receiving the letter.

On Nov. 29, FIRE sent a second letter asking for an update, and demanded the college drop its charge against Tokie.

Albion administrators did not drop the case against Tokie, and said that no Albion student “could say anything he or she wanted without being subject to the college’s oversight.”

Again, FIRE pointed out how the college’s statements ran contrary to their student handbook.

“Although Albion is a private college not bound by the First Amendment, it promises its students free speech rights in its student handbook. Albion’s accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission also requires it to be ‘committed to freedom of expression,'” FIRE said in a press release.

The college has set a new hearing date for Tokie in December, requiring him to return to campus during the winter break.

GinnyReed - December Thu, 2017


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