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City Council Decides That Their Police Cars Aren’t Actually Racist

The Laguna Beach City Council has voted to keep the American flag-themed decal on its police vehicles.

Laguna Beach, CA – The Laguna Beach City Council has voted to keep the American flag-themed decal on the side panels of the city’s 11 police vehicles.

The council made the final vote on April 11, despite criticism from some citizens who alleged that the star-spangled decal was aggressive and offensive to immigrants living in the area, KTTV reported.

“We have such an amazing community of artists here, and I thought the aesthetic didn’t really represent our community,” resident Carrie Woodburn said of the design, according to FOX News. “It feels very aggressive.”

But essentially everyone who packed into the city council meeting room for the final vote disagreed.

“The American flag represents freedom, liberty, and equality,” a self-described legal immigrant declared at the city council meeting. “To the residents who have been offended by the American flag, I have a message for you – leave this county as soon as possible.”

Nearly everyone in attendance burst into cheers and applause.

“There are people who don’t like the stars and stripes,” an elderly combat veteran told the council. “If they are offended by the stars and stripes, my guess is that they’ve never fought to preserve them.”

At one point during the meeting, the council asked the citizens in attendance to raise their hands if they were in support of keeping the patriotic decals on the city’s police vehicles.

Almost everyone in the room raised their hands, with the exception of one person who opposed, KTTV reported.

“My first impression I thought, when I saw the police car, was a resounding ‘Hell yeah!’” a U.S. Marine told the crowd. “I love it.”

During the meeting, a woman in support of the decals began singing the Star-Spangled Banner, and was soon joined by nearly everyone in the room, video footage showed.

The council ultimately voted 4-to-1 to keep the logo, WTOL reported.

“The Laguna Beach City Council just approved the new police logo,” La Habra Councilman Jose Medrando said in a Facebook post on April 16. “As I said before, as a Mexican immigrant and U.S. citizen, I am proud to see our colors displayed in such a beautiful way. My hope is that we come together as one, and celebrate the freedoms our beloved country offers.”

Holly Matkin - April Mon, 2019


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