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Chicago PD Recruit Allegedly Attacks Cop On Traffic Stop, ‘How Else Was I Supposed To Get Away’

Schiller Park, IL – A Chicago Police Department (CPD) recruit allegedly assaulted a Schiller Park police officer during an arrest during a traffic stop on Saturday.

The incident occurred at around 2:10 a.m. Saturday morning in the 4100 block of West Grace Street, according to WFLD.

Police officers saw the police recruit, 27-year-old Denisse Balseca, drive into a curb twice.

Officers stopped her vehicle and saw an open container of alcohol in the vehicle. Both Balseca and her passenger had “bloodshot and glassy eyes” and Balseca had the odor of alcohol emanating from her breath as she spoke, according to the report.

Balseca refused to provide basic identity information, her drivers license, or proof of insurance, and she insisted that she didn’t need to provide that information, according to CBS News.

The report states that Balseca was “highly uncooperative and hostile” and her passenger was “belligerent.”

Balseca still refused to provide her information after officers told her that she would be arrested if she continued to refuse. Officers then advised her that she was under arrest and ordered her out of the vehicle.

The police recruit still refused to get out of the car, and an officer had to place her into a control hold and pull her out.

Outside of the vehicle, Balseca refused to place her hands behind her back and then “pushed, struck, scratched, and kicked” the arresting officer, the report said.

The officer sustained a laceration to his left arm and an abrasion as he wrestled Balseca into handcuffs.

Once handcuffed, Balseca refused to get into the patrol car and needed to be forced in. Once inside of the vehicle, the recruit started to slam herself against the inside of the vehicle, according to the report.

While Balseca was being interviewed at the police station, she questioned why she was arrested and the officer showed her his injuries.

Balseca responded, “How else was I supposed to get away?” according to the report.

The police recruit admitted to drinking “a beer,” and submitted to sobriety tests. The sobriety tests gave indicators of impairment and Balseca was “unable to provide a preliminary breath sample.”

Officers found Balseca’s police ID badge, and then she told them that she had been in the police academy for a month.

Despite the probable cause that Balseca was driving while impaired, and she had assaulted a police officer while resisting arrest, she was not criminally charged.

Schiller Park Police Department Deputy Chief Joseph DeSimone told the Chicago Sun Times that officers have discretion with charging decisions.

“[Officers] have the discretion to charge suspects with charges they deem to be appropriate,” DeSimone said, according to the Chicago Sun Times. “I cannot speak for the officer in this case.”

Balseca was ultimately cited with ordinance violations for battery, disorderly conduct, improper lane usage, and not having insurance.

However, Balseca’s passenger is facing more serious charges.

The passenger allegedly “resisted arrest in that she clenched her fists, tensed her body, curled her arms toward her chest, pulled away, shoved and kicked,” according to the report. When she was placed in a cell, she allegedly stopped officers from closing the cell door and officers used a stun gun on her.

The passenger was charged with misdemeanor battery, resisting and obstructing a peace officer, and cited for an open container of alcohol and possession of marijuana and a pipe.

Balseca is currently earning $54,672 a year as a new police officer.

A CPD spokesperson told CBS News, “There is an active Bureau of Internal Affairs investigation into this matter. We will not comment further due to the open investigation.”

Written by
Christopher Berg

Editor-in-Chief: Twitter/@SnarkyCop. Christopher left his job as a police officer to manage The Police Tribune to provide context to the public about police incidents. Before becoming a police officer, he worked as a law enforcement dispatcher trainer.

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Written by Christopher Berg


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