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CBS 58 Reporter Streaming Live Tells Random Black Male To Watch Out Because The Police Are Trigger

CBS 58 livestreamed a video where a random black male was warned away from ‘trigger happy” police.


CBS 58 Reportedly Tells Black Man To Beware ‘Trigger Happy’ Police

Milwaukee, Wisconsin –  Our followers informed us that at a Milwaukee homicide scene on Friday night, February 24, 2017, a CBS 58 reporter or cameraman made a comment to a random black male who was walking by,  “Be careful because cops are trigger happy.”  The comment was made during a livestream on Facebook Live.

The title of the post is ‘Milwaukee Police and Fire on Scene of Shooting.’  The shooting occurred at 57th and W. Center and was apparently between citizens.The only involvement by law enforcement was in investigating the homicide and working to protect the city from a killer.

CBS 58 refuses to identify the reporter and has deleted the portion of the broadcast where the comment was made. In a nine-minute long post, the audio has been deleted (warning, just a whole lot of boring footage with no sound) from the beginning until 6:41.  Because the audio was deleted, we are unable to verify the information through means other than CBS 58’s own response to the incident.

In the comments for the post where viewers called-out the anti-police comment, CBS 58 responded, “We are aware of a situation that occurred on a Facebook Live session. We are reevaluating our procedures and addressing the issue internally.”

How about some actual accountability from CBS 58? What exactly is being done?

Police officers were working a homicide scene in order to protect their city. While these heroes were working the scene, a reporter appears to have been trying to not only blame the killing on police officers, but suggest to a citizen that they were unsafe around the police. Removing the audio from the video doesn’t make the situation better, the problem was that the comment was made at all, not that it was being distributed online.

Maybe CBS 58 should take note of how Southside Flying Pizza handled their rogue employee.

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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